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Discussion in 'Ireland' started by Barna Bee, Oct 1, 2003.

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    Jul 15, 2002
    Spoke to a girl in Euroteam called Sid Anne , she appaers to be the girl one talks to if you want to track your tickets for the game. Mine have yet to be sent (as per the tracking info on the website) .

    I asked her about the possibility of the tickets being delivered to my home in London by the 4th of October , she had serious doubts that this would happen. She told me to email her at to give her details of the hotel where I am staying and I will receive my tickets at least 24 hours before Kickoff..

    If they do not have tickets for me they will reimburse up to 135% of what I paid to them ...slim consolation if you are stuck in Basel with no tickest for the game.

    My advice to all of you waiting for tickets is to email this girl with your hotel details and hope that they are there waiting for you , as promised , 24 hours before the game.

    Those of you who are going to Switzerland on Thursday or before will most likely be travelling on the Euroteam promise.

    Best of Luck to everyone.

    I reckon , at this stage that there are many of us.

    Euroteam freefone number is

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