Las Vegas is Viable II

Discussion in 'MLS: Expansion' started by DANNO49, May 27, 2014.

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    Coyotes are going to Houston if anywhere. They’re already talking about yet another new arena for both the Rockets and Yotes.
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    As long as Naegle is involved with the Republic, MLS isn't going to go there. Guy has chased off two "Whales" now. Both of whom have invested in pro soccer too......Whitman with FCC and Burkle with the Wave.

    The Railyards have been shovel ready for what, nearly a decade now?

    The Yotes will likely end up in Houston or KC. Of course it is the NHL so they'll do something stupid like move them to Atlanta.....
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    Oh god if nhl tries Atlanta again…….moving from one disaster to the other. Will be paying close attention to Houston and KC for the NHL situation as well. Sacramento has people at least s going interest for NHL. Haven’t seen that in Atlanta, Houston, or KC. But I know full well they’re all more appealing television markets.

    no Sacramento hurts constantly. You can’t ask fir a better location than the rail yards, and that would have brought so much business and sprucing up to an area that really needed it
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