LARS - "Gary Glitter"-based Chants

Discussion in 'Galaxy Supporters Clubs' started by barroldinho, Mar 12, 2014.

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    I've noticed between the back end of last season and the game on Saturday, that LARS have started using one or two chants based on Gary Glitter songs.

    Based on his recent criminal history, I have no interest hearing any of this sick scumbag's material played anywhere ever again.

    The idea of singing his songs, modified lyrics or not, publically or otherwise, just gives me the creeps, so I abstain.

    Am I overreacting?
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    Nope. I doubt many people in the crowd know it's a Gary Glitter song, or know about his criminal activity. To each their own obviously, but there are chants/taunts I don't participate in for ethical/moral reasons. Personally I separate the art from the artist so Glitter's depraved conduct doesn't impact me in the same way, but I think your stance is equally valid.
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    Sorry, but I still like this song from the Timelords (AKA The KLF)
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