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Discussion in 'Soccer Boots' started by PasadenaBlitz, Jan 2, 2006.

  1. PasadenaBlitz

    PasadenaBlitz New Member

    Mar 17, 2003
    So my last pair of Nike Air Zoom Total 90s (I) wore out last month. The toe on the right boot came completely apart. I'm not a toe punter, but I do scrape it along the ground, but I'm thinking that was the weak point of those shoes. So after 4 years and 2 pairs of cleats, I'm in the market again. However, I wear an American 14. Extremely hard to find, especially considering most sites (i.e. don't have a find by size option. So what shoes are even made in a 14 now, and is there a place in Los Angeles that sells them so I can try them on without having to pay for shipping? Any help at all is great.
  2. JUKE BOX8

    JUKE BOX8 New Member

    Jul 3, 2005
    SAN josie
    copa mundials
  3. the assasin henry

    the assasin henry New Member

    Sep 1, 2005
    how tall are you? my feet are almost there, i wear a 12.5 or 13. so help would be appreciated.
  4. nvan_football

    nvan_football New Member

    Nov 1, 2004
    Nike legends run up to 15US. Go to, your size is in stock. And hey, they also have absolutes and 7406's up to 13.5.
  5. ADIKeeper

    ADIKeeper New Member

    Aug 20, 2003
    Vapors and old Tiempo's (ones before the legends) run up to 16 I think. I found my friend some 13's for like $40 on eBay. Shoes that are in odd sizes usually sell for much cheaper and shipping really isn't all that much.

    If all else fails, your local soccer store probably has sales going on large sizes.
  6. Patje

    Patje New Member

    Nov 23, 2005
    I've bought these aveiro's on ebay pretty cheap, US13.5
    but if you wear a 14 they should fit, you can always ask him if he has others.

    I also use but they mainly have the coppa's

    I've seen Absolado's till size US16 on a german site. not the top range but the middle range.
    The legends should be around till 15 i think, i have seen em before.

    Anyway, good luck on your queste, and if you find any new ways let me know, it's damn hard to find a good big cleat!
  7. PasadenaBlitz

    PasadenaBlitz New Member

    Mar 17, 2003
  8. Ryan_Ligon

    Ryan_Ligon New Member

    Jan 2, 2006
    St. Louis
    I also wear size 14. I'm looking for a pair myself but in looking I've found that does have a search by size option. Just go to power search, then scroll down and you'll see the option.

    The copa mundials seem to be the most common from all the sites I've looked at though. I can't find any stores in town that carry that size though.

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