Kudos to Kate Margraf

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  1. thegamesthatrate

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    On one of the post-game interviews, she was asked if Rapinoe was one of the five best American women's soccer players of all time. She had the presence to give an analytical response that did not give in to the whirl of the moment.

    Markgraf's current list is Akers, Solo, Hamm, Wambach and Overbeck and she said this tournament did not change that.

    Of course, Lilly, Fawcett and perhaps Lloyd are contenders for top five status as well. Some might suggest Heather O'Reilly and Danielle Slaton be included. By the time Ertz and Roselle finish playing, they might mention consideration. I'm sure some other names merit consideration as well.

    It's not a dis on Rapinoe. She deserves careful consideration if one is putting together an all-time starting US XI. But I respect Markgraf for sticking to her integrity of opinion and not giving in to the moment.
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    If you google the words “greatest” and “list” .......The Great Joy Fawcett will be noted on the first 100 pages of results.
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    Hard to argue with her list, that is for sure.
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    I find the question hilarous. Rapinoe was terrible this whole tournament. She did a great job of finishing pks that her teammates earned. And that's about it.
  5. thegamesthatrate

    Jan 9, 2007
    It is easy to argue, but it is a credible and defensible list.

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