KROQ gives props to The Riot Squad & El Gato

Discussion in 'LA Galaxy' started by Calexico77, Jul 5, 2005.

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    Did anyone else hear this on KROQ at around 2:45?

    I'm driving home from an interview today at around 2:45, and Striker on KROQ starts blabbing away. I'm paraphrasing here, but this is the gist of what he said:

    "hey, so, man, the LA Galaxy play down at the Home Depot Center in Carson, and they've got this group of hard-core supporters called The Riot Squad. The Riot Squad gets all crazy and chants during the game and stuff, but get this! They had a, you know, little barbecue befor the game yesterday, and the [heavy DJ emphasis] GOALIE OF THE TEAM bought all of the *ahem* beverages for the group! Can you believe how cool that is? I mean, can you imagine hanging out during a game, and somebody says, 'hey who bought the beer?' and you say 'that dude standing at the goal-line'? That's sooo cool! Can you imagine the catcher for the Dodgers doing something like that? Man, so big props to the Riot Squad and El Gato."

    He then said "EL GATOOOOOOOOOO" a few times and went to commercial. I nearly drove the car off the road.
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    - very cool
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    DJ Striker is actually a pretty astute sports fan...a complete anomaly for a rock radio DJ.....

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