Kraft: an American Sugar-daddy for Liverpool?

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    (wasn't sure where to put this, but thought it was ok here, please move if needed.)

    I know the Kraft/Liverpool discussion has been had here, but wasn't sure where it stands at this point.

    really enjoyed this piece:

    there's talk of the Glazer family and then this about the Krafts:

    Even so, the Liverpool board has been touting the club around South-east Asia and America in the search for a sugar-daddy as it seeks funds to build a new stadium a short distance away from the club's historic Anfield home. It rejected the offer from Thailand's Prime Minister but has recently been linked with the Kraft family, of Massachusetts, who own the successful American football franchise the New England Patriots.

    the article really concentrates of the state of English football today, but there are many interesting historical points and useful information for an MLS fan to understand (all coming from the English/PremeirLeague perspective) -- sponsorship, ticket prices, agents, the influence of foreign owners/players/coaches, and the relation of NT success to the domestic league.

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