Korea announces the 35 players that could go to the Asian Games

Discussion in 'AFC: Tournaments' started by Korean Football, Aug 26, 2002.

  1. Korean Football

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    Apr 21, 2001
    coach Hang-suh Park announced the entry of 35 players.

    The entry is not the official entry for the Asian Games as they will cut players out of that pool.

    Bronze Ball winner Hong and Hwang are out. Ahn and star winger Ko are out too.

    He's trying to include Seol and Jisung Park. But I hope he doesn't. He should at least Seol keep on rocking at the Jupilar league.
  2. Korean Football

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    Apr 21, 2001
    the pools are just "NT candidates." Most of the over-23s will not be in the Asian Games squad of course.

    U-23 pool

    GK: Yong-dae Kim, Dong-suhk Park, Moorim Choi
    DF: Sung-hwan Cho, Byung-guk Cho, Dong-hyuk Park, Hijoo Kwang
    MF: Jong-hoon Kim, Dong-jin Kim, Gilhoon Lee, Sung-hwan Byun, Doohyun Kim, Jung-woo Kim, Young-min Hyun, Dong-keun Shin
    FW: Kyoo-sun Park, Sung-guk Choi, Tae-wook Choi, Dong-guk Lee, Eun-joong Kim, Chunsoo Lee


    reserve pool

    (foreign U-23)
    Kihyun Seol, Doori Cha, Jisung Park, Chong-gug Song

    (foreign Over-23)
    Sang-chul Yoo

    Jae-woon Juhn

    Woon-jae Lee, Jin-chul Choi, Young-chul Kim, Tae-young Kim, Young-pyo Lee, Nam-il Kim
  3. Chachi King

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    Mar 14, 2002
    If Seol ki-hyeon is late for a game because he has diarrhea, he'll lose his spot at Anderlecht. the competition for places is fierce there, and coach Park wants to risk that to win a third-class tournament?

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