Keep Hatin On "The Bob"

Discussion in 'New York Red Bulls' started by In Bob We Trust, Sep 20, 2003.

  1. In Bob We Trust

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    Jan 5, 2003
    i hope you never post again, go back where you came from, and don't come back until you learn how to make a real know who you are

    to those that had some reasoning, it takes a coach much TIME to put HIS stamp on a team...80% of a season does NOT make a coach...that said, he has already done MORE for our team than any other coach in our history PERIOD...he deserves every bit of praise he gets, he is a proven winner, and a widely respected soccer mind...yea, everyone is entitled to their own, but i hate to know that even we have such stupid fans supporting whats it gonna be, you dont like the pants he wore??...get lost
  2. Can you imagine what this season would be like now with the Nick and OZ show? It would be a disaster. The team has been struggling. Under Bradley, they work it out in practice, on the field and in the lockerroom -- not in press releases filled with fingerpointing and recriminations. Last week the team played some of its worst football in a long time. Tonight, they looked a lot better. If Nick and OZ were presiding over this stretch, we'd have been reading about fistfights.

    Bradley is a pro and the team on the field behaves like pros. Nick and OZ were freaking rank amateurs when it came to managing a team and it showed.

    Given what he started with, Bradley has done a fine job with this Club.
  3. metrocorazon

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    May 14, 2000
    I dont agree with that part of your statement. OZ still did more for our team in his first year. Ofcourse then he reversed everything he did and sent us back to the sh!itter but the man still got us a pretty good season and all the way to the conference finals plus we won the EAST(means nothing to me but its still a stat). Until Bob can do that all this means squat, he's done crap for us in fact look at our record. He's been mediocre at best. But that doesnt mean I dont have faith in the man. I think he can do good like you said, but to be saying he is the best coach in history and all this crap really means nothing without the results FIRST. Finding young talent means squat if you cant win with them. And the day that Bradley takes us past the COnference finals is the day I would REALLY call him the best coach we've ever had.
  4. Vistula

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    Jul 2, 2001
    Werd, Metrocorazon.

    But, my gut on "Trust in Bob's" post is that he (and I) believe this is no time for band-wagon-jumpers and what-have-you-done-for-me-latelies.

    The '03 Metros are what they are. We're not great by any stretch. But man do we fight for points. There's not any easy one in the 37 we've got or the 35 the opposition has taken from us. Be pissed about the first half of the NE match last week or be proud of what our boys have brought just about every week this year. And plead with them to keep bringing it the rest of the way.

    A few final thoughts...A win on Thursday and Chicago will feel our breath on its necks for the final five games. A win on Thursday and we'll be ahead of the Flavor of the Month Team in Colorado...A win a week from Tuesday at Rutgers and we'll be in our first final.

    All in all, we shouldn't complain too much.
  5. jamison

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    Sep 25, 2000
    Anyone who hates on The Bob either doesn't know what they're talking about or is a Crew fan in disguise. From the first 5 games of the year we've seen a team that will fight it's SS off to win. We don't play pretty (unless the Lisi-Guevara-Mathis hookup is working, which it only occassionally does), we are defensive and don't score much, but we've never had a team that played this hard for the colors. Our lack of scoring has caused us to tie a lot of games that we could have won, but we are only an average team in terms of talent, and I think Bob's gotten the most out of us. Last year we saw a team with so called talent fold and die under it's coach. If nothing else, we have 90 minutes of effort (first half of NE game excepted). In what was supposed to be a rebuilding year, that was the best we could hope for. We've won enough games that the fans have become greedy for an undefeated last half of the season. There are legitimate gripes about the team's inability to score more than 2 goals a game and our often 3 minutes of lost concentration to end the first half, but we are a much better team than I think any of us could have reasonably expected. Sarachan gets coach of the year, but Bradley has turned around a pretty backwards team into a contender. We should be happy about that, looking forward to a competitive end of the season for the first time in a long time.
  6. Metros Striker10

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    Jul 7, 2001
    Planet Earth
    OZ did a lot more than Bob. OZ came to a team that finished with the worst record in league history. Bob came to a underachieved team. Though both have done/did do a great job. OZ brought Mathis, Jolley, Hernanadez, Valencia, Comas, and Dooley. Bob brought in Magee, Gaven, Pope, Moreno/Jusko and Clark.

    Two different scienerios I guess.
  7. GIO17

    GIO17 Member

    Nov 29, 1998
    The time for bickering should have been over once Bob Bradley came to Metro. This lemon that we had from OZ towards the end of his tenure became a decent car that has had it's share of ups and downs. But at least I would rather have a scrapy side fighting for 90 minutes then one that flops around and self distructs infront of us.

    Bradley has made the most of what he has. Let's also remember he did the same thing with an expansion side Chicago Fire in 1998. Look what happened with them. The double defeating DC United in the MLS Cup & The Columbus Crew in the US Open Cup Final.

    So with the magic of Bradley has Metro in 2nd place in the East. Also he has put Metro into the Semi-Finals of the US Open Cup.

    Bandwangoners you must leave. Metro haters and Bradley haters we don't want to hear you at all. I want to see a three goal win myself, but if they can scrap for points and have a defense 1st mentality, it's alot better than what we had last year. I'm happy. But I will feel better once they have secured a spot.
  8. Vistula

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    Jul 2, 2001

  9. In Bob We Trust

    In Bob We Trust New Member

    Jan 5, 2003
    hey vistula, i actually heard OZ taught clint everything he's something for you OZ fans still sucking his d**k...he will never coach in MLS again, so get on with your life and come back to metro when you get a clue...GOALLLLL-yniec...
  10. UncleLTrain

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    May 19, 2002
    Why do so many people have their panties in a bunch?
  11. Metros Striker10

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    Jul 7, 2001
    Planet Earth
    Oh yeah, it wasn't OZ who brought Mathis, it was the 3 years of horrible soccer that gave us the first pick out of two picks in that draft. :D
  12. stinky

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    May 14, 2000
    Long Beach, NY
    this has been the best year from a fan perspective with regard to the play on the field.

    this team, for most of the season, has played pretty friggin good and never gave up on a game.

    amado is the best FI ever to wear a metro shirt.

    we finally have some young guys with potential.

    and i've only gone home disgusted by the play once this year (vs. new england on the 13th).

    i give bob bradley credit for that.

    the only bust this year has been moreno, which is not as predictable as friggin balboa who came unhealthy.

    oz did well in his first year, no doubt, but bob bradely he's not.
  13. JRedknapp11

    JRedknapp11 Red Card

    Dec 5, 2001
    I don't understand why everyone acts like someone pissed in their conflakes everytime something comes up that doesn't praise dear old Bob.

    My previous thread slammed him for the quality of football that go's on for 90 minutes. Ok, so he found young talent, he brought morale to the team and gave us a never say die attitude. Thats the type of morale I want with our boys, they should bleed red and black everytime they put our colours on.

    What I do question and can't comprehend why others don't , is the overall quality of the football going out on the pitch. How many times do we see the ball forced through the middle ? How many players can we stack in the midfield, with no one running into space ? Why don't we ever switch the field of play from side to side ? Why doesn't anyone other then Mathis shoot from outside of the box ? We do players like Digi and Richie get put out on the field ? These are the simple basics of the it or not we may have sucked in previous years but the quality of the football was a lot higher..unfortuntly our attitudes didn't meet our quality and we were left in the dust. Hats off to Bob for giving this squad a firm kick in the arse, we needed it, but let's see where his mind is at. I want to see where this footballing genious is..he's done half the job, now let's see him put the other half into place.
  14. Vistula

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    Jul 2, 2001
    Brilliant! Cheers! Rubbish! Boots! Kit! Gaffer! Arse! Shite!
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    Is that the incantation to summon 80sEuroKeeper?
  16. Michael K.

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    Mar 3, 1999
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    Is that the incantation to summon 80sEuroKeeper?


  17. haven

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    Jul 9, 2003
    Boston, MA
    The team has improved significantly. That's enough, for me, during the first year. Plenty of exciting young players to look forward to getting even better in the future. I don't see the point in criticism when a coach, by any standard, has fielded a better team than last year. If it stagnates or declines, then perhaps I'll change my mind.
  18. gwebster

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    Aug 30, 2002
    Bethany, CT
    Looks like Ray Hudson, Michael
  19. metroflip73

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    Mar 3, 2000
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    Maaaar water.

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