Keen Eddie fans rejoice!

Discussion in 'Movies, TV and Music' started by Dante, Oct 8, 2003.

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    Bravo Network will be showing all 13 produced episodes in early 2004. They've said if there's enough interest they would contemplate bringing the show back.
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    Nice. I wanted to watch the show from the beginning, and now I'll have the chance.
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    Guess this means I'd have to buckle down and get cable. I'm never home, so I don't even get cable.

    But this is great news! It was an awesome show- definitely my favorite show on TV when it was on for that short time this summer. Sienna Miller was SMOKIN, and the guy that played Eddie was a riot. Good silly plots, nostalgia of when I lived there, funny stuff. And of course, the rather peculiar private life of detective Pepin (the guy that was on the movie "The Saint"). But I don't know - I reckon some or most of the actors probably could have moved on to do different things.

    A bit surprised though. I would have thought it would may make Fox's FX network first. But so be it.



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