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Discussion in 'Sporting Kansas City' started by Diego Pasley, Apr 14, 2009.

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    Most of their in game thread was about the internet feed being down and some sort of blackout of the tv broadcast. All in all they showed some serious class though in well thought out comments and honest appraisal of the keller red. The pre-game analysis (first several posts) are all from the same individual. Not only well thought out, but spot on about arnaud and what came to happen in the game! Here ya go:

    After watching KC vs. SJ at the weekend:

    --Josh Wolff has been stuck out at left midfield and doesn't know what he's doing out there. If he starts out there again, he will be a prime target for Le Toux to match up against.

    --Davy Arnaud is the most dangerous player on the team. Great shot from distance, slashing runs into the box. I've always thought he was a dark horse for national team duty.

    --Hirsig is talented on the ball and draws fouls, but isn't on the same page as his teammates yet.

    --Lopez looked good vs. SJ, but he drifts wide a lot and is only dangerous when given space.

    Overall, the KC attack has one forward who drifts wide (Lopez), one who plays deep (Arnaud), and no target man or back-to-goal guy to hold up play. Gomez on the right and Wolff on the left try to pinch in and are NOT good defenders, which means that KC keeps its wingbacks (Watson and Besler) at home. Hirsig roams all over the field linking play. Jewsbury is much improved at d-mid, Conrad is solid at centerback and Hartman has at least lost some weight and is in better shape than a couple years ago.

    Tactically, KC is a stodgy, grinding team that does not risk pushing numbers forward and will do it even less on the road. Key defensive matchups for you will be Riley out wide vs. Lopez and Alonso not getting too close to the wandering Hirsig because if he gets pulled out of position, Arnaud will make late runs onto your centerbacks who aren't going to have a lot of 1 v. 1 marking to do.

    Offensively, Jaqua vs. Conrad will obviously be big, but so will Montero's taking advantage of Hohlbein, the other less experienced centerback.

    KC's only real chance is the long-range shooting of Arnaud and Jewsbury, and a blinder by Hartman. Hirsig is a useful player when it comes to slowing the game down, linking play and drawing fouls, but not a natural attacker at all.

    Nice win for KC, they deserve credit for a well-played match

    The Wizards were looking for their oscars tonight. I think they should have carded them a few times for arguing with the ref so much. They weren't even getting cards and they were acting like the world was over every time.

    As Arnaud struck it, I said "goal". Drago did well just to get a hand on it. Of course I don't have super slow mo at the game, but Arnaud had too much time to line that shot up.

    I haven't seen the replay but the Keller red looked correct.

    I CANNOT WAIT till we get to play in KC city. They're so smug at their forums right now. I thought I would be over this loss, but those KC fans are just getting under my skin for some reason.

    They finished their chance, and we did not.

    I think the Sounders as a team are clearly a notch above the Wizards. But a fully deserved red will hurt any team. It was a fair win, and that Arnaud strike was pure class, but KC should probably consider themselves lucky to have had an extra player for a large portion of the match.
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    KC city...Kansas City City? Where's that exactly?

    Smug... talk about the pot calling the kettle black.(Wizardry pun was purely unintentional.)
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    I read their whole thread, I did like the fact that their smack talkers were talked down by their own fans.
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    The first quote above is the one that makes me laugh. There was so much smack from their fans in our pre-game thread, it was ridiculous. Pot, meet Kettle. :rolleyes: At least for the most part they were gracious in the post-game thread, but why do they keep visiting our forum? Weird.

    The second quote....the part that bothers me is that we "should probably consider ourselves lucky to have had an extra player". Nope. Keller made a stupid move, no luck involved. We actually looked better than them when they were at full strength IMO, so who knows what would have happened if Keller had stayed on his line?

    By the time they visit us in October, things will likely be very different for both teams, with playoff positioning hanging in the balance. Plus we will have the advantage of the narrower field with grass (which they may actually have some trouble with).
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    Possibly that guy is the same dumbass who held up the "Go Back To Wichita" banner.

    Great testament to his parent's value of education.
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    Considering how many trash talkers there were before the game, they really did keep it pretty level and fair after that. Really there were only a few idiots coming into our forum before the game, that is just more than we are used to by now. With 30k+ fans, it is real easy to have that many jerks who have not learned the forum etiquette yet.

    With Philly, Portland and Vancouver all coming up, we will probably see that with each new team as their new fans flock to the internet.

    Thanks for taking the time to do this Diego. I love reading the condensed version.
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    As a fan of MLS, i am pleased that the Wizards beat Seattle. Kudos to you and your team. Davy's goal was great, should have been stopped, but a good one. Just watching the highlights and the game, it looked like Seattle should have won because of so many created chances, but i am very impressed with Hartman this season. Good job!! Way to put The Slimers in their place! They dont stand a chance in The Home Depot Center agaisnt the goats!

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