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Discussion in 'MLS: General' started by JoeW, Oct 16, 2007.

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    Look, I don't like the NFL lines either. Or any other lines as a matter of fact. Giant Stadium is a mess and that will take care of itself soon enough. The same for some other locations. The Krafts are cheap in New England for they could go to the expense of removing the markings of their other team. It is not as if that other team is losing money. The folks who have spoken for Seattle claim that it will not be a problem. We will see. It is not as if it is impossible to house both soccer and football. Heck, if we could live with the Nats, nothing is possible.

    Now I can't claim DC United and RFK as my first. I go farther back, with a team called the Whips. I was too little to know what I was seeing but I remember going to RFK with my father to see soccer. And there were others that followed afterwards. So that old stadium is a special place for me.
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    I think you've just created the new alternate to a SSS--the SCBAT (a stadium in with Seats Covered By A Tarp)! Hurray for SCBATs!

    Seattle folks, maybe all you theorize about (in terms of the advantages of a large, multi-use stadium) will come to be. Maybe. I'm open-minded.

    But what you need to remember is, in the history of the MLS, there has NEVER been a case where a large stadium has turned out to be a winner and multi-use stadia (meaning one where the primary income generator isn't soccer and the field was generated with the idea of soccer being the primary user) has worked out. Probably the classic case is the Krafts. As much as you'd like to extol the vision, deep pockets and caliber of your owners, the Krafts are one of those few people who can say that when MLS looked like it might be closing up shop, they stuck around. They've invested far more into this support I bet than the Sounders owners have (despite Seattle being around longer). NE started out with a lot of pluses for a franchise, have had a consistent winner on the field with a lot of American talent, there's a lot to like there. And yet....

    It truly makes a huge difference when half the stadium is empty. It doesn't matter if the seats are covered. One of the most disappointing soccer experiences of my life was watching two Greek clubs play in the Olympic stadium at night. Spectacular stadium with the light tower walkway, just gleaming away. Great video on the big screen to start the pre-game. Very loud and passionate and creative fan groups on opposite ends of the stadium, doing the giant hand clap, showing a giant camera, really cool stuff. But the stadium was probably 1/8th full and the sound just disappeared into it. My son and I got up and wandered around, switched seats about 5-6 times. He commented to me "Dad, this isn't as much fun as RFK, I thought they were supposed to be crazy about soccer over here."

    I bet Qwest is a great football stadium and a fine soccer stadium for Beckham matches or something that will draw 70k (Real Madrid vs. DCU perhaps?). I've been in RFK for soccer matches when there has been a big crowd (40k or better) and it's absolutely electric. But it makes a huge difference when you've got a lot of empty space. It matters visually (even if the seats are covered), it matters accoustically (covering seats just absorbs more sound), and it matters spirtually--it always affects your attitude toward the match.
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    A terrific post.

    The analysis about New England is also spot on. They too have a quality owner (who, you are right, didn't cut and run when things looked bleak for MLS) with a successful team playing in a great NFL stadium. They clearly do well enough to survive, but the model has not allowed them to thrive, as arguably they should have.

    And there's the rub, because it's hard to fix it now. Sure, Krafts have the money to build a SSS, but unlike say, Kansas City, the financial situation isn't nearly as dire for the Revs playing in an NFL venue so they don't have to focus their undivided attention on building something new. They could continue this way for years, playing with fans seated only in half the stadium staring at a sea of blue tarps on a field stripped for the Patriots with the goals on the endzone markings -- and they'll probably still be there long after the stadium issues in Kansas City, New York or DC are resolved (one way or the other) because there is no compelling reason for the Krafts to take any additional financial risk.

    Should it matter to anyone outside New England? Well, I think it should. Playing as they do under the nose of ESPN, the Revs could be -- really should be -- a "keystone" franchise for the league, but despite all of their success on the field they have never really become that. The Boston teams have, over they years, all enjoyed fanatical support at one time or another, and if the Revs had a venue that let them show off that atmoshpere, ESPN would be all over it.
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    I woke up feeling not in the mood to argue about Seattle anymore. I'm just tired of it. I'm sure I'll still have some things to say on occasion, but let's just see how it goes if we have to. Other teams have shown that football markings are not easily removed in time for matches, leaving the impressions still quite viewable for telecasts. But, maybe Seattle will be different. I hope so. I hope that people will be able to look at Qwest field (besides soccer fans and people in the Seattle area) and know it to be a soccer venue, instead of an NFL venue. My heart tells me it won't happen, that people will use it as another excuse to not like soccer.

    Yeah, I don't like this whole Qwest idea, but I'm just about ready to support Seattle fans because they love soccer. Where will soccer in this country be if we (educated, passionate supporters who will learn songs, chants, and attend several matches) don't band together to make soccer grow?

    Sadly, we will never be rid of our differences. And, more unfortunate is that some of our differences (particularly in the way people forget the lessons that previous leagues and the current one have learned the hard way) will cause the stagnation and future demise of the league. The Beckham and Blanco effects will subside. The league will return to normalcy and likely no other DP will draw the same. When that happens, these things that detract from soccer will become abundantly clear. Then will come the plateau. Then will come the decline. Then the desperation. Then the demise. And, though we will differ in our ideas, we must all be aboard the ship if it starts to sink.

    Now, what to do with my tongue-in-cheek club loyalty... hmmm... maybe I should change it back.
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    Keep it. Resistance is futile. :D

    (visit for the incredible Qwest Field slide show!)


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    8th page. seriously people, this is like masterbating with a steel wool brush.
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    repped dredgfan. I'm still laughing.
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    Page 8?? Try every other thread in the MLS section of BS. ;)
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    Yes. I was watching a game from the Mexican First Div. Pumas v. Tigres at PUMAS stadium, it's surrounded by a track and with faintly visible american football lines, why? because it's a university based stadium that owns a professional first division team, the university has other sports obviously, the pitch is a futbol specific pitch and primary in the grand scheme of things, it's important that the conditions of the pitch are top flight because futbol is the big dog! Now there are hundreds of thousands of events sporting and otherwise in this metropolis we call the ununitedited I mean united states so profiting from being the owner is a perk and controling events and scheduling is to the MLS teams advantage. As long as pitch conditions are top flight come game time with ML Football being the big dog of the house I'm allright with it. Make the grid lines as least visible if at all as possible a plus!
  10. Good points.

    A SSS doesn't have to be used just 15 times a year. If its owners can make money doing other things (HDC is used not only for X-games, but pro lacrosse as well), that increases its financial viability, and makes it more likely that SSS can be created in the future.

    The purist in me didn't like seeing "my" soccer pitch covered with mounds of dirt for the X games, but then I slapped myself and reminded myself I'm lucky I'm not watching matches at the Rose Bowl and there are no NFL logos or end zones on "my" pitch.
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    I agree with your points about the meaning of SSS. However, and I'm not only picking on you because I've seen this mentioned a number of times on these boards, the bit I've quoted in bold about the crown on AF fields.... there are plenty of soccer stadiums in this country including Old Trafford and our old Baseball Ground in Derby, where the pitch is constructed with a crown to help rain run-off.

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