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Discussion in 'Portsmouth' started by blueangel1, Sep 13, 2003.

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    May 23, 2003
    Portsmouth, UK
    Possibly I may have had too much J D too give an unbiased match report at this time of night! And my judgement may be clouded by too much oif the demon drink!! (is that possible?).Then again....... Sky sports has just said that Pires apologises to Pompey for the penalty as it was not one. I am still feeling bitter over the penalty, it should never have been! Never the less here is a report with a bit of help from Jack Daniels !!!

    We were by far the better of the two teams! Arsenal were cheating divers, by their own admission!

    Pompey took the match by the short and curlies!And were always in command!

    Arsenal .......are they really the top of the league? weren't in the game and I suppose they along with every other team we have played this season will say they were having a bad day!!!!
    It was all Pompey , the number of saves Shaka made could be made on one hand!!

    Pompey's goal had been threatening throughout and after 26th minutes Steve Stone gave teddy his near post header. Pompey went 1- nil up!

    The referee who's name escapes me, but who was absolute pants!!!During the match he changed his black shirt for a green one although he must suffer from colour blindness as red and white seemed to be the favorite of the day!! The refs apparently clashed with Pompey's navy blue away top ! He soon gave the gooners a penalty.Which had to be taken twice! Which should never have been! I defy any one who has seen it to argue with me!Even Pires has apparently appologised for it!!

    Sol Campbell was booked for a late challenge on Quashie after nine minutes, but he should have been sent off during the match!!
    It was all Pompey but thanks again to poor refereeing it was 1-1 at half time!

    During the interval, John PFC Westwood and a couple of people with him seemed to be led away by some heavy-handed stewarding and policing in a dispute over his bell.What is it with the premiership? Most teams want to play in the similararity of a public library!! Too much noise or support seems too upset their harmony!!

    Arsenal seemed a bit more up for it 2nd half but their was a game on!And what a game it was!

    Over all in my opinion and this is just an opinion, Arsenal are dirty cheating bar stewards! After todays performance, I sincerely hope any one but them win the title! But my head is high, it is a time to be proud to be Pompey! And the FA and their cheating referees cannot take that away from us!!
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    Mar 4, 2000
    Thanks, once again a great report.

    I saw John PFC on tv with his bell. In fact, is it the law in Briton that all Pompey games on tv must show Mr. Westwood?

    Dont get be wrong, I'm very happy with the draw, but after we so totaly dominated them...well, I'm wishing for the three points.

    The PK, total crap...twice.

    Teddy is a god.

    The Pompey fans were well represented. You could cleary hear the Pompey chimes, and I thought I would die when y'all started chanting "We going to win the league."

    We need to get you a digital camera to take pictures and post them for all of us in America.

    Quick mod note, I added a [R] to the title because you refrenced the outcome of the game in the post. The game will still be replayed in the USA and we dont want to spoil the outcome for those who have not seed the game yet.
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    May 23, 2003
    Portsmouth, UK
    The draw was an absolutely magnificent result!!!The only spoiler on Saturday is the fact that the penalty incident has some what overshadowed just how good the result and the performance by Pompey actually was. A lot of reports are focusing on the Penalty rather than the actual game!

    As for Mr PFC Westwood, he actually got throw out of the " Highbury Library" at half time for refusing to sit down!!

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