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Discussion in 'Manchester City' started by Colin Bell the King, Nov 7, 2004.

  1. Colin Bell the King

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    Sep 7, 2004
    What a day!

    I got to town from my house at around 2pm and went to McDonalds for a pre match meal, plus I needed to fill my stomach from the early morning clubbing. :cool:

    At the McDonalds I got accosted by the first lot of blues, who came up behind me and embraced me, asked if I was going to the game, which I said I was, then we chatted for a few minutes.

    Then I headed off to Old Trafford on the Metrolink in my City shirt and scarf, which is supposedly a very dodgy thing to do, but I didnt get any bother for it, anyway. Got to the ground about 2.30pm, walked around the outside, saw the City players get off the coach then went into the ground.

    1. Ground Impressions

    - Not quite as good as CoM's but definately one of the best venues in the UK, the away end is in a good spot too under an enclosed roof which keeps the sound in. Last time I was at Man United away was when we used to be held in the Scoreboard End terrace, and the ground has changed dramatically since then.

    2. Atmosphere

    - Something special to be honest. The first chant erupted an hour before the game when the players came out to warm up, and by the time everyone was in the away section was rocking. Early renditions of 'USA USA' to annoy the Man United lot, the typical abuse of the Man United fans and when Gary Neville had his early game hiatus our group were starting off 'Gary Neville is a Blue' everytime he missplaced a pass. :cool:

    But the best part was at half time. Generally everyone stops singing for half time and goes into the bars for a half time pint - but seeing as alcohol was banned for the derby most of the 3000 crowd stayed on the terraces to sing 'OH WHEN THE BLUES GO MARCHING IN' for 15 minutes non-stop. United were quiet too, just a few lame renditions of 'United. United'

    3. The game.

    One of the best defensive performances I have ever seen, and Stephen Jordan, what a prospect! His second game and he kept Ronaldo in shackles, Dunne was MoM for sure for his brilliant defending, basically the whole team defended well, of course it meant attack had to suffer, but Macca did well with the ball the few times City did break.

    4. Time it took to get home.

    Took me 40 minutes to get back to Ancoats, so not too bad. Was sort of expecting verbal confrontation, but didnt get any. Definately prawn munchers them lot. Wouldn't get that at CoMs

    Altogether now...

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    May 7, 2003
    Basel, Switzerland
    Nice report :)

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