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Discussion in 'NWSL' started by DennisM, Aug 4, 2002.

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    I have seen her play for the Scottish National team and now I have seen her play for the Spirit. I want every women's soccer fan to watch her because she is the next big thing. She is great. She got around the Charge's defense like nobody else has with the exception of Milbrett(and we all know how great she is). Fleeting will be the league's top goal scorer next season if the Spirit can get a top-class passer like a Riise or Meinert. Fleeting is a player for the future.
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    Not good news...

    If this excerpt from a WUSA article on Atlanta's next game is truthful, this isn't good news. No one should be going 'cleats up'... This is another case where I'd like to be able to see a tape of the game (or at least have seen a mention of what happened in the MatchTracker!) And since she did get a yellow card in extra time, it was obviously at least a hard foul...

    A Beat squad, which took its knocks against the Spirit, will take the field for its last regular-season match of the year. In fact, Stone is not even sure yet if a few key members of his starting 11 will be game-ready.

    San Diego forward Julie Fleeting tackled Beat starting center back Nancy Augustyniak in the waning moments of the game, and it is not certain whether Augustyniak will be able to play on Saturday, which comes as a huge blow to Atlanta.

    “Nancy was studded in the knee cleats-up with about two minutes left in the game to the point where we thought her knee was shattered,” Stone said. “The doctor told us it was the equivalent of a bullet going through someone and missing their heart by millimeters in terms of the entire construction of her knee. It was absolutely a disgraceful foul at the end of the game – San Diego had already earned the win. They had played well enough to win; they didn’t need to take out one of our best defenders.”

    Forward Sun Wen, center midfielder Nikki Serlenga, and Kelly Cagle were also injured.


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