Journey To South Africa 2010 [The Reggae Boyz Chronicles]

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  1. Guyanapower

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    Nov 1, 2008

    CFU for live:D

    Weather you like it or not,dem caribeans will rise up.I do not want to insult your team,but tellin me all dem caribeans losing against Peru?No man!!

    Big up Trinidad - Jamaica

    GUANACO1 Member

    May 18, 2007
    Los Angeles

    I know how Peru plays, and I have alot of respect for that team. Maybe they dont have a good team now, but they are a hotspot for talent. I like the carribean, they have talent too.
  3. Moises

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    Feb 8, 2007
    AC Milan
    Nat'l Team:
    bro el sal gives away points:D
  4. Guyanapower

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    Nov 1, 2008
    Okay cool man:cool:
  5. Guyanapower

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    Nov 1, 2008
    Ey yo Suriname,whatup bro.

    I was just reading an article about your federation.They are looking for a name because the FIFA asked you guys for such a name.

    i always wondered why Suriname didn't choose a name for their national team like most of us here.

    Now for Guyana,they call us the Golden Jaguars
    Jamaica Reggae Boyz
    Trinidad & Tabago Soca Warriors
    Suriname ??????

    Did you already thought about one name?
  6. Surinamese-man

    Aug 20, 2008
    Big up

    Yes indeed,our Federation is looking for that special name but i can't tell you right now which kind of name they gonna use.Director Louis Giskus asked all Surinamese citizens to think about that and the one with the best idea will receive a present.

    I don't know man,maybe "Bush Boyz" (cuz of the Amazon rainforest) or something like that?Maybe our other CFU brothers,do you guys have an idea?:confused:
  7. Guyanapower

    Guyanapower New Member

    Nov 1, 2008
    Bush Boyz haha,that sounds funny man,massive!!!Well let me know what kind of name it will be;)
  8. lguti9

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    Aug 5, 2008
    CSD Comunicaciones
    Nat'l Team:
    I see the Reggae boys in and Mexico will be out. Jamaican will go to a WCQ again :cool:
  9. Warlord

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    Jun 8, 2005
    District of Columbia
    Im not too sure about that. No Mexico in the hexagonal would be great for other teams that qualify but realistically Mexico will be there. They will qualify because Jamaica cannot eclipse them as they are sitting on 11pts and we're on 7 pts. The only realistic shot would be eclipsing los Catrachos by beating Canada by 3-0 scoreline on the final day while they lose to Mexico. Its gone be a war on the field. The one thing about Honduras is they tend to "choke" in must win games.

    Trinidad & Tobago eliminated them in San Pedro Sula from going to Korea/Japan 2 cycles back when los catrachos only needed a draw to advance to the WC.;)
  10. ja2ny

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    Aug 5, 2008
    long Island,N.Y.
    If we mek it outta yah group yah we haffi go ah the world cup our team has gotten better since the start of the semifinals. We should be even better if we mek it to the Hex. Watch mi ah tell you notice sey the the yankee dem have ah hard time when dem play we.
  11. ja2ny

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    Aug 5, 2008
    long Island,N.Y.
    More time for JFF
    English FA defers £135,000 debt payment to 2010
    IAN BURNETT, Sport Editor
    Wednesday, November 05, 2008

    [​IMG]BURRELL... if we were forced to pay at this time, it would have been disastrous
    London, England - The Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) was yesterday granted a further reprieve by The English Football Association (The FA) after its chairman, Sir David Treisman, agreed to defer consideration of the £135,000 debt until after the 2010 FIFA World Cup Finals in South Africa.
    The near four-hour meeting between Sir Treisman; his head of international relations, Jane Bateman; JFF president Captain Horace Burrell; his general secretary Horace Reid, and the JFF's European advisor, Peter Hargitay, at The FA's headquarters at Soho Square, also resolved to further expand on a proposal put forward by the Jamaican governing body to convert the debt into equity for a youth development facility.
    "I feel I have come to the end of the meeting in very good heart," Sir Treisman told the Observer later yesterday.
    He added: "The spirit of the meeting was very good. We have been very correct and detailed in knowing what the facts were. I think we've had an extremely honest discussion, which is invaluable."
    Sir Treisman noted that the JFF acknowledged the outstanding debt of approximately £135,000 to The FA, arising from a friendly match played at Old Trafford on June 3, 2006.
    "Having heard about all the circumstances, The FA agreed to defer consideration of the debt until after the 2010 World Cup," revealed Sir Treisman, who added that "the JFF also provided details of a youth development facility that was first discussed in principle with representatives of The FA earlier this year. The two parties agreed to further expand on these talks".
    Sir Treisman also offered his careful consideration to the project.
    "This proposal is intended to be aligned with The FA's International Development Programme and longstanding relationship with the Caribbean region," he said, though warning that the proposal would need FA Board approval in order to proceed.
    Sir Treisman admitted that he hasn't yet seen the proposal, but "I am going to view it in due course, and on the basis of seeing it I think we should be able to continue work which has started and I will get the chance to make my contribution to that work and if it's at all possible, I would do what we always do in these circumstances, which would be to put our case to The FA Board for their consideration".
    "I think that from everything that I've heard from my colleagues, the proposal should fit into the International Development Programme that we have been running for nine years now, so hopefully it will fit well into that," he said.
    Burrell, whose one-year administration inherited the debt from the previous JFF administration, was grateful to The FA for its understanding.
    "It has allowed me to breathe a sigh of relief, because if we were forced to pay this debt at this time, it would have been a disaster to our football programmes, so I want to record my gratitude to Sir Treisman and The FA for their understanding," he said.
    "With all factors considered I am satisfied with the approach taken by The FA. It was very important for us to have direct dialogue with the new administration because Jamaica would have found itself in a more embarrassing situation in light of the fact that with a new administration we would have been called on to pay this debt.
    "So serious was this situation that it was reported to FIFA, which could have had consequences if we failed to pay. So I want to take this opportunity to thank Peter Hargitay, our European advisor, who quickly arranged a face-to-face meeting with the chairman of The FA to discuss this matter in details."
    But having twice before met with Simon Johnson, The FA's director of Corporate Affairs, in Jamaica in March and again in England in April in an effort to find an amicable solution as well as to expedite the process of rebuilding the nation's integrity and reputation, Burrell turned his wrath on the previous Crenston Boxhill administration.
    "I am very happy at the outcome because we have been given a lifeline, but it is to be remembered that this debt was incurred by the previous administration and members of that administration have been making spurious allegations that the JFF does not owe this debt, which is nothing short of dishonest, as based on the documents that we have and based on the documents that The FA has, the JFF owes approximately £135,000," he blasted.
    "One of the proposals we have reached with Simon Johnson of The FA earlier this year, was that the debt would be converted to equity to aid in the development of a training centre.
    "Following today's discussions, this proposal was thrown back into the mix and it could still become a reality in the future. The FA has expressed understanding with our current financial standing, including a debt inherited of over $100 million, and hence is willing to work with this administration in dealing with the situation," Burrell said.
  12. ja2ny

    ja2ny Member

    Aug 5, 2008
    long Island,N.Y.
    Ricketts vows to be ready for Canada game
    PAUL A REID, Observer writer
    Wednesday, November 05, 2008

    [​IMG]RICKETTS... as long as I can play, I will be playing
    MONTEGO BAY, St James - Despite an injury to the little finger on his left hand, Jamaica's starting goalkeeper,
    Donovan Ricketts, says he has no plans to watch from the stands Jamaica's crucial make-or-break CONCACAF World Cup semi-final round game against Canada in two weeks.
    "No way I can miss this game, it is too important for us and as long as I can play, I will be playing" Ricketts told the Observer yesterday.

    While complaining of feeling "some slight pain" whenever anything touches the injured finger, Ricketts - who was left out of the Jamaican team that left the island for a one-week training camp in the Cayman Islands on Monday - has returned to training with local club, Village United.
    Ricketts was due to return to see the orthopaedic surgeon in Kingston yesterday but said he missed the appointment and was not sure when he would return.
    The giant goalkeeper came up big in the last two games - both 1-0 wins over Mexico and Honduras at the National Stadium - to keep Jamaica in the hunt for a place in the next round.
    He was substituted after just 30 minutes against Rivoli United in a Digicel Premier League game at Jarrett Park on October 19 when he hit his hand against the post trying to save a penalty kick taken by Devon Hodges.
    He was rushed to the Cornwall Regional Hospital where it was discovered he had been playing with a dislocated joint on his finger for some time and had re-aggravated it.
    Ricketts, who played the previous five seasons in the English leagues, wore a brace on his finger for the past two weeks but started working out with Village United this week.
  13. ja2ny

    ja2ny Member

    Aug 5, 2008
    long Island,N.Y.
    Barnes happy with winning debut as Reggae Boyz coach

    Friday, November 07, 2008

    [​IMG]BARNES... the goals were pleasing but I got more pleasure from the transition and patterns they were weaving
    GEORGETOWN, Cayman Islands - New national coach John Barnes was a satisfied man following Jamaica's 6-1 win over a Cayman Islands All-Star team at the Truman Bodden Stadium on Wednesday night.
    A double strike from midfielder Ricardo Cousins (22nd and 63rd) and strikes from Jermaine Hue (9th), Jermaine Anderson (11th) and Marcelino Blackburn (78th) and Desmond Breakenridge (75th) gave the Reggae Boyz a massive win over their less fancied opposition.
    Deosar Gonzalez scored for the Cayman All-Stars.
    Despite the margin of victory, what made Barnes - who is presiding over the national team in a competitive match for the first time - happy was the manner in which the players carried out their duties.
    "I expected us to win and win convincingly but I was looking to see if they would take my instructions on board in terms of the way I wanted them to play. It was difficult because of the conditions. It was raining and the field was wet, but they did well," a pleased Barnes said.
    "The goals were very pleasing but I got more pleasure from the transition and the patterns that they were weaving," added Barnes, who shone as a player for Liverpool and England in the 1980s and '90s.
    The small but vociferous crowd which turned up for the game seemed in full agreement with Barnes' pronouncement as they openly voiced their appreciation for the way the team played.
    That response was expected of Jamaican supporters, but even supporters of the local team applauded the visitors and even expressed the view that they got their money's worth.
    For Barnes, the performance was a good platform for the future and more immediately for the Digicel Caribbean Championships, the main focus of this week-long training camp in the Cayman Islands.
    "I can see the beginnings of an identity, how I want them to play as a team. Even when the substitutes went on (they) fitted in seamlessly.
    "The changes were made and the intensity did not drop. This is the attitude that we have to have all the time no matter who we play," added Barnes, who introduced nine substitutes in the second half.
    Young professionals Rudolph Austin and Omar Cummings, who arrived on the morning of the game, had an immediate impact on the game as they were introduced in the second half and received special mention from the national coach.
    "Austin and Cummings are professionals so they know what to expect and how to perform. You saw the work that they were doing after the game.
    "At the end of the game Austin called over Cummings and they did some more sprints. What this shows is that the potential is there in Jamaica, but the difference is exposure, and the attitude will be different with exposure," Barnes pointed out.
    He added: "I have heard talk before about Jamaican footballers and their attitude when they go abroad but as soon as they get settled they get carried by the attitude and the approach."
    As far as Sunday's game is concerned, Barnes said Wednesday's result will not influence his plans providing everyone remains fit.
    "I always had in my head teams that I would play for both games and I saw what I expected to see. So whatever I saw will not influence my thinking as it relates to Sunday's game. I will always play my strongest team," he said. The match is the first of two games for the Jamaicans, who are on the island conducting a one-week training camp.
  14. ja2ny

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    Aug 5, 2008
    long Island,N.Y.
    GEORGETOWN, Cayman Islands - The Reggae Boyz yesterday recorded their second successive victory on the Cayman Islands on Sunday with a 2-0 win over a combative Cayman Islands national team.

    Yesterday’s win followed a 6-1 whipping of a Cayman Islands All-Stars team on Wednesday. Powering the Reggae boys to victory were strikes by Omar Cummings, his first for Jamaica in the 42nd minute and substitute Roland Dean in the 58th.

    The visitors had a much tougher time on Sunday than they did on Wednesday as they came up on a very organized Cayman Islands team. Head coach Carl Brown crowded the midfield and restricted the mobility of the Reggae Boyz who got very little space with and time on the ball. The visitors were also greeted with some physical play with midfielder Rodolph Austin and Denzil Watson in particular coming in for some rough treatment.
    Despite the close attention paid to them, the Boyz managed to shrug off the stranglehold from time to time. Their first real effort at goal came in the fourth minute when Austin burst through the midfield and drove a solid right-footer just wide of the mark. Four minutes later Austin was at it again when Jermaine Hue was cut down just outside the 18-yard box. Austin’s drive at goal was blocked.

    Omar Cummings showed his predatory nature two minute later when he stole in behind the defense and lobbed goalkeeper Jermaine Brown only to see the ball strike the right upright and rebound into play for the defense to clear. Jamaica continued to push forward when could work from the little right wingback Eric Vernan crossed inside the 18-yard box for Hue. With then ball coming more to his right foot, Hue delayed before back-heeling for Ricardo Cousins who muffed his shot.

    The Caymanians continued to defend stoutly as they used strong challenges with Horace Nelson in particular, to keep the Jamaicans at bay. Lance Laing, who minutes earlier was felled by Nelson, escaped his attention and crossed for Watson who stooped to head on goal. His effort just shaved the crossbar.

    Cousins who took his time get into the game started coming to life and had a solid strike save by goalkeeper Brown. That was just a taste of what was to come later.

    Jermaine Taylor, casting aside his defensive responsibilities, showing good ball skills ventured down the left flank and crossed inside for Cousins who acrobatically volleyed just high. That gave the largely Jamaican crowd much pleasure.

    The voices of the Jamaican supporters would drown out all others soon after as Cummings opened the scoring. The goal resulted from a lovely move deep inside the Jamaican half with central defender Taylor feeding Austin who had drifted into defense. Austin in turn found Cousins in the centre of midfield. Cousins raking pass down the right found Vernan who bolted forward and crossed perfectly for Cummings to head home.

    Hue could have added a second before half time but goalkeeper Brown did well to beat away a well-struck free-kick from the right of the 18-yard box at his near post.

    The second half saw both teams ringing the changes without much success until Dean received a defense-splitting pass and managed to clinically finish.

    The complexion of the game could have changed had Calvin Jefford had an opportunity to equalize within the first five minutes of the resumption but was unable to take it.

    JAMAICA - 13Shawn Sawyers, 4Jermaine Taylor, 6Keniel Moodie, 8Eric Vernan (Desmond Breakenridge), 5Lance Laing, 21Rodolph Austin, 12Ricardo Cousins, 9Nicholy Finlayson (Evan Taylor), 10Jermaine Hue (Andre Campbell), 2Omar Cummings and 11Denzil Watson (Roland Dean).
    Subs- 1Dawyne Miller, 19Adrian Reid, 20Desmond Breakenridge, 3Andre Darby, 14Andre Darby, 16Roland Dean, 15Marcekino Blackburn, 18Jermaine Anderson and 7Evan Taylor.

  15. I-Got-The-BLUES

    May 1, 2006
    Orlando, Florida.
    Chelsea FC
    Nat'l Team:
    Was expecting the scoreline to resemble the one against the All-stars......I'm slightly disappointed.
  16. ja2ny

    ja2ny Member

    Aug 5, 2008
    long Island,N.Y.

    Nuh worry yuhself star, Barnes ah guh mek sure dem ready fi di CFU Cup.
  17. ja2ny

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    Aug 5, 2008
    long Island,N.Y.
    King, Williams back for Jamaica, Canada game
    Howard Walker, Observer staff reporter
    Friday, November 14, 2008

    A strong 22-member Reggae Boyz squad was yesterday named by the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) for the crucial World Cup Qualifier against Canada on November 19 at the National Stadium.
    Striker Fabian Taylor of Norwegian FC Nottoden, veteran midfielder Andy Williams of Real Salt Lake, along with Jason Morrison of Hungarian club FC Ferencvaros, have been recalled to the team.
    Top striker Marlon King of Hull City makes a return from injury and should partner Ricardo Fuller and Luton Shelton in a three-man attack revealed by coach Theodore Whitmore.
    "Hopefully we are going to start all three of them because at this present moment we are looking for goals and with Marlon King, Luton Shelton and Ricardo Fuller, I don't see why we won't score a lot of goals," Whitmore said at the press conference at the JFF headquarters.
    Williams, who scored against Canada in the 1-1 draw in Edmonton, earned a recall after sitting out the last two games against Mexico and Honduras.
    Williams, an attacking midfielder, has replaced Harbour View's Jermaine Hue, and Whitmore explained.
    "If you look at the Mexico, Honduras games and the players we called it's a different squad, suitable for the formation I want to use because it will be a totally different game against Canada," he pointed out.
    The speedy Dane Richards of New York Red Bulls, who was voted Major League Soccer Cup Play-offs Player of the Week and Omar Cummings of Colorado Rapids, complete the forward line.
    The talented Jason Morrison, Jamal Campbell-Ryce (Barnsley), Wolry Wolfe (Joe Public), Jermaine Johnson (Sheffield Wednesday), Oneil Thompson (FC Nottoden), Demar Phillips (Stoke City) and Rudolph Austin (FC Brann) are the midfield players.
    The defence line has no surprises with the ageless Ian Goodison (Transmere Rovers), Tyrone Marshall (Toronto FC), Ricardo Gardner (Bolton), Shavar Thomas (Chivas USA), Claude Davis (Derby) and Damion Stewart (Queen's Park Rangers).
    Donovan Ricketts (Village) and Shawn Sawyers (Portmore United) are the goalkeepers.
    Jamaica are currently third in the table on seven points and need a win against bottom-placed Canada to have a chance of advancing to the CONCACAF World Cup final round.
    Mexico lead the group with 10 points - one more than Honduras, with both teams meeting on the same day as the Jamaica-Canada game.
  18. ja2ny

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    Aug 5, 2008
    long Island,N.Y.
    Yo Warlord weh yuh ah deal wid? Mi ah think fi come ah D.C. fi deh Inauguration. Maybe yuh caan link me with the vibes down deh.
  19. vanbasten9 redded

    Nov 13, 2008
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
  20. Warlord

    Warlord New Member

    Jun 8, 2005
    District of Columbia
    no problem. pm me.
  21. ja2ny

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    Aug 5, 2008
    long Island,N.Y.
    The Jamaica Gleaner highlights tonight's games in:

    Crunch time at 'The Office'

    IT'S NOW or never. The day of reckoning is nigh for the Reggae Boyz, who must either beat Canada or get eliminated from CONCACAF World Cup qualifying for the 2010 Finals in South Africa.
  22. Warlord

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    Jun 8, 2005
    District of Columbia
    The day is finally here. Jamaica ready fi war. Honduras fans.. your WC dream is about to end. Jamaica to di world!!:cool:
  23. ja2ny

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    Aug 5, 2008
    long Island,N.Y.
    whaa unno think bout the 3-4-3 formation Shelton,Fuller and King up front. mi haffi sey dis ah di baddest side me ever si fi wi.:cool:
  24. Warlord

    Warlord New Member

    Jun 8, 2005
    District of Columbia
    nuh too sure bout boss. wi haffi play wid 4 at di back. No room for mistakes but mi agree wid Fuller, Shelton and King up front. :)
  25. I-Got-The-BLUES

    May 1, 2006
    Orlando, Florida.
    Chelsea FC
    Nat'l Team:
    I've always liked the 3-4-3 with us, BUT in THIS game mi nuh tree like it still....even though in the team Canada a put out, there's no recognizable goal scoring threat.

    Canada never call up Onstad or Sutton to man the posts....dem have the keeper from Cluj (who is decent), and a 21 yr old (who I'm hoping they start).
    I'm confident we can score some goals. Although him never score Gardner was dangerous against Man U.
    Dane Richards put on one bloodclaat performance against Houston in the playoffs
    Fuller has always looked dangerous for Stoke when him come one
    And King is on and off, but when him on, him dangerous!
    We at least can put 2 pass dem....but mi a look fi more.

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