Jonathan Gonzalez at CF Monterrey

Discussion in 'Yanks Abroad' started by genom, Feb 26, 2014.

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    I’ve long thought about that myself. I’m not sure. It’s the most popular national team and league in the US and Mexico so you’d have to think there would be huge marketing opportunity there but I don’t have any real numbers behind it
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    I have a BIG scoop about Gonzalez.

    It's game day. Monterrey hosts Morelia in their Clausura opener.
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    Jun 8, 2017
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    Eric Gomez. He's rock-solid reliable!
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    He's a holding midfielder. He's not going to be a marketing superstar unless he ends up starting for Real Madrid or something.
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  6. LouisianaViking07/09

    Aug 15, 2009
    are you saying this in reference to him in the Mexican league or with our NT?
  7. Let's begin with Feyenoord:)
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    Starts vs Morelia. Univision.
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    Is he? I haven't heard USSF is doing anything about it.
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    How did he play?
  11. Why do you ask for such a trivial thing in the light of the US/Mex debate;)
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    I only saw the first half but Gonzalez played well. There is absolutely no point in starting a player like Bradley when we have someone like Gonzalez.
  13. It would be fun to have JoGo at Feyenoord and a Mexican talent. I can see epic discussions who's the best of them:D
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    I like Feyenoord. I never really watch their games but I've managed them a lot in FIFA:thumbsup:.
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  15. Yeah, must be the shirt:) Can't beat that epic one.Plus where are they as fanatic as in those colours this young:

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    Typical performance from him. Strong work rate, great timing at jumping the passing lanes, disposessing opponents regularly, 1-2 touch passes, accurate. In the second half, they brought on Molina (after 70th min) and moved JG up the park (behind the strikers). Really put pressure on Morelia center backs and had some touches in the attacking third. That was kind of a mixed bag, he had the ball taken from him on a couple of occasions during the attack, but was able to connect passes also on the attack. He was moved to the right side after a few minutes and thats pretty much where he finished. Pretty versatile overall. The team in general had a bit of a drop in form in 2nd half and subsequently conceded the tie on the last play of the game (JG not at fault).
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    Seen him get some rough treatment. This always is the tactic resorted to against young fearless players. Everybody seems to lose a step and gain a few lbs and start throwing them around. It's all about learning.
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    MLS is paying Bradley $6M a year.

    How much is MLS paying Jogo??? ZERO.

    That's your reason.
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    949841551471071233 is not a valid tweet id
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    Everybody was carrying a few tamales extra baggage from New Year's festivities. Expect we'll see sharper play coming up.

    Without Hurtado, absent, I wonder if Monterrey would play him cam with Pabon and Mori as forwards in 442.
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    TBH, I thought the whole game was pretty disjointed and poorly-played. I can't tell you how many times the bleached-blonde guy, Pabon, blasted the ball wide from 25-30 yards out. Sloppy passing, neither team quite good enough up front to get much going consistently in the final third.

    I was looking for JoGo the whole time, and I felt like he under-hit quite a few passes. Didn't look bad, but didn't look amazing to me.

    I still want him, I just haven't watched LigaMX much this year (2017), and I think I built it up a little bit too much. It wasn't particularly different from watching an MLS game.
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    Zlebmeda is a crack dealer...

  24. #1 Feilhaber and Adu

    Aug 1, 2007
    WHAT? this statement makes no sense. why would you start a player like JoGo over our Captain who diligently and heroically, walks and jogs around the field?
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