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  1. I would like to start a non-profit coalition of Women's soccer fans across the nation to try to benefit the revival of the WUSA. The job as a member would be to pass out flyers, make telephone calls, write letters, and get to all the untapped resources in order to keep the future of Women's soccer alive. If you are interested and serious about doing this, Please email me at:
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    A revival of the WUSA is not the answer. As a supporter of women's soccer for the past 25 years I think that the WUSA showed us how not to run a pro sports league. The players, coaches and staff deserved better and I pray that those people land on their feet. Let's hope the next group of people don't hire Lynn Morgan, don't overestimate fan interest and don't forget those of us who have been here for years.

    To those of you who are determined to carry the WUSA banner, thank you for your unwavering support of these women and their dream. I hope that there is some league for my daughter to aspire to when she is old enough.
  3. The WUSA was established in 2001 and that is what we have to revive. If the league were under any other name, I would try to revive it as well. I do not approve of its prior actions, but I do approve of the message it tried to send. WSUFS lives on, and I'll be happy to scratch your name off the list of supporters, JScott. You don't have to help, and you don't have to chastize either.
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