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Discussion in 'Women's Fans and More' started by Anthony, Oct 23, 2003.

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    That was a disgrace.

    Do we get any tactic other than kicking forward and out muscling the opponent?

    Can anyone strong a few passes together?

    Can anyone dribble?

    A fire needs to be lit under this team otherwise we lose to Greece in the Olympics!

    Start with the coach (as as you may recall, I was once her biggest appologist!).

    Then a few founders (or whatever they call themselves now) need to be thanked, given a nice tribute game, and retired.

    Fawcett, no one else seems to know how to play defense, you can stay.

    Lilly, Foudy, Millbret, thanks for the memories, enjoy the tribute game against Mexico.

    Hire a new coach. Someone with some tactical understanding, who is not afarid to bring in new players.

    How about defensewins as the new coach over Heinrichs
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    Any "FAN" posters in Dallas on Sunday?
  3. JayJay

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    I don't know about dw. I'd take Pia though, but aparently she has a new job. So how about Beulah? Oh, and I'd keep Lilly too, if she has the players around her she is still world class (see:Breakers).

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