John Barry Nusum

Discussion in 'United Soccer Leagues' started by eric515, Jul 29, 2002.

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    Of the Atlanta Silverbacks. After seeing this guy play several times this year on TV and in person, I have to say he is the real deal!! If Columbus didn't have the stable of strikers it does (McBride, Washington, Buddle) he would be in the MLS right now!

    I think he is probably the most physically gifted player the 'Backs have. And he has my vote for rookie of the year.

    As for the state of the Apes, I honestly think they are at their best when Nusum and Iotov are up top together. I know, everyone loves Iggy, but I think for pure soccer talent and scoring ability, Iotov and Nusum need to be on the field together, even if one is in the midfield. I also think Jordy Broder has a great workrate, and is having a great rookie year...but I went to school with him, so I am biased!! :)

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