Jen Tietjen is cool!!! All-Star Gala report (and Pichon stuff)

Discussion in 'NWSL' started by FearM9, Sep 20, 2002.

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    I can't believe I'm giving props to Philly players!

    I'm here in Portland, Oregon for the All-Star match. Tonight I went to the All-Star Gala. Lo and behold guess who is suppose to sit at table #10...your very own Jen Tietjen. Erica Iverson was sitting at the table across from us. Anyhoo we all introduced ourselves to Jen and she was very damn nice throughout the entire evening. I razzed her about the 2001 and 2002 playoffs. We talked about what she does in the offseason. We talked about the twins in the league. We talked about the San Diego coaching situation. When Pichon was accepting her award I leaned over and told her that the Charge are gonna be a scary team when Kelly is back next season (and no I didn't ask how her progress is going..I wanted to but we were distracted).

    Also sitting at our table was this young female soccer player..I wanna say 10 y.o. or so. Anyhoo Jen treated her like a queen tonight. She was always conversing with the kid. Iverson came over to borrow some of Jen's lip gloss or whatever you women folks use on your lips and Jen introduced Iverson to the kid and Iverson gave her an autograph as well. When Marinette was given the award Jen pointed her out to the kid. Before Jen arrived at our table I asked her who her fave player was and she said Mia. But she made damn sure that this unknown WUSA player was sitting next to her. She was sooo excited that she was sitting next to a pro soccer player. It's safe to say that I think the Philly Charge got a new young female fan here in Oregon.

    Marinette Pichon was awarded the MVP award tonight since she wasn't in Atlanta for FC2 cuz she was playing against Denmark. They showed a video and then she came up to the stage to accept her award and in her best broken English said how it was "awesome" to be playing in the league and for all the support blah blah blah. It was very short.

    And damn those Philly girls are WILD!!!!!!! I swear to God Iverson dropped a loud ass F-bomb when everyone was mingling in the ballroom after the Gala was over. LOUD!

    If y'all have any questions regarding the Gala or today's practice just holler.
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    Pardon a stupid question......

    What is an F-Bomb? A fart, the f***-word, or what?

    Also, how were they dressed? In uniform? Casually?

    Did you let Tietjen know you are a fan of D.C. and Carolina, and therefore will be rooting heavily for the South?

    Go South!!! Kill those damn Yankees!!! :)

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