Jay DeMerit about match vs. Brazil, etc.

Discussion in 'USA Men' started by Right Foot Planted, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. Right Foot Planted

    Aug 11, 2007
    -"We're never going to get better playing as a team unless we get used to playing against the best competition out there," he stated. "In the last two games, we have played a lot of top talent. It's a testament to Bob that teams as good as Sweden and Brazil want to play us, so we must be moving in the right direction."-

    Jay DeMerit

    also, some good (but slightly old stuff) on his blog

    "it's all about positive energy. Ever since I met Frankie Hejduk for the first time, we talked about how positive enegy will get you through most situations."

    "We also got approached in Boston by a group of people that thought Pablo (Mastroeni), Frankie (Hejduk), Michael (Bradley), Landon (Donovan), Carlos (Bocanegra) and I were a boy band. We played along so well until Frankie ruined it by trying to sing. It was all just a blast, and it was good times like these off the field that made us work harder for each other on the field."
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    Wait, does this mean there are people who think boy bands actually sing?! :p
  3. Sandon Mibut

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    Feb 13, 2001
    Presumably Landon is the "sensitive" one. Is Pablo the "dangerous" one or the "ethnic" one?
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    I met Jay DeMerit's mom after the game. I know it's random, but it was pretty cool. I guess 39 people (friends and family) came to watch him and he didn't get to play. :(
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    You're right. Landon's the sensitive one, Carlos is the good-looking one, Pablo is the ethnic one, Jay is the blonde one, Frankie is the crazy one & Mike B. is the really young one (see Baby Spice or Justin Timberlake circa N'Sync).

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