January: New Year New Season

Discussion in 'MLS: General' started by churchill2000, Nov 19, 2004.

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    January, the transfer window will open, and for MLS things will certainly shape up, SL and Chivas well begin to finalize their respective teams with some internationals.

    But the biggest story will definitely be the offseason trades;

    Some rumors;
    Metrostars axing Jonny Walker, possibly Sergio Galvan Rey, looking at Zach Thornton, Tony Meola, and even Adin Brown. And not to forget Ante Razov.

    DC United waiting to see if Ryan Nelsen, and Earnie Stewart leave for good, the money they get if so, certainly can buy them some defensive talent, why not a trade for LA's Ryan Suarez, certainly could replace Ezra and Nelsen.

    FC Dallas, fiancially in shape, would be looking to get Eddie Johnson some one to play uptop with him, Wolyniec/Magee?

    Colorado, with Marcelo Balboa and Kroenke sharing the GM duties, and Bliss (assist. Coach of KC) a possibility as Head Coach, Rapids might be getting some players from KC, Simutenkov?
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    I heard that Ryan Nelson wants to go to England now though :(
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    It's Balboa and Governor Charlie Wright (Kroenke's point man) sharing GM duties. I don't think the owner is that directly involved.

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