Jancker to play CSL & ACL

Discussion in 'China' started by greenlion, May 18, 2006.

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    Oct 14, 2002
    It's not like I'm a big Zhang Yuning fan either, though he's one of the few Shenhua players I can mildly stomach and he does look a lot better now that he's gone back to a regular haircut instead of his kung fu master look.

    Zhang Yuning WAS a solid player before his injury (sad how he and his former teammate, Tie Zi, fell on hard times at about the same time) and WAS a top goalscorer. IF he gets healthy again, I still believe he'd be Shenhua's best strike option, this isn't so much due to his ability, it's more due to Shenhua's lack of strikers. Mao isn't ready for the CSL, Gao isn't a strong scorer and Xie should be put to pasture. Jancker is the basis for a lot of hope, but we'll see what he can do.

    I further find it interesting how Shenhua's hopes for a title rest on the 2 players who've been bitched about the most this year, Ramirez who has 6 goals and Datou whose done a lot to shore up the defense and provided some much needed offense, too.
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    After Zhang Yuning's "burned" foot injury, he's never been the same mentally. Now, he's a lazy bum.

    You always perform when you know that your job is in jeopardy. I never doubted Li Weifeng's CSL technical skills. It's his mental soundness that troubles me. Mao is ready for the CSL. He was ready when Qu Shengqing was still with Shenhua. Gao is a #10 anyway, not a #9.
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    That is interesting I admit. 6 goals from Ramirez looks good on the face of it. But, as I said, he is a waste of the valuable foreign player slot, since clubs can only have three. I stand by what I have said about him, however.

    Also, after the game last night, Shenhua fans were doing their customary celebration underneath the elevated metro station and outside the ground, they had a banner saying "Welcome Jancker! Play up, Ramirez!". When Chinese fans get on a players back, you know he must really be doing something seriously wrong.
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    well, he scored, maybe we should start him some more
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    mao have a good acceleration and he was very good during the tournament, maybe the best player for each games !!!
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    Sep 21, 2003
    You need to see the video. Zhang Yuning did not score. If the referee contingent were competent, they would have realized it was an own goal. We should never start Zhang again. Same goes with Xie Hui; but he's Shanghainese, Shenhua through and through, and isn't lazy.
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    Hi guys!
    I'm a big Jancker fan and on search for full games of his games at [​IMG]Shanghai Shenhua in 2006. It would mean a lot to me, if you could find some stuff. Please don't hesitate to contact me here or via twitter (signature).

    This are the games in which he participated:
    AFC CL
    Quarter-Finals 1st leg 9/13/06 H Jeonbuk Motors 1:0
    Quarter-Finals 2nd leg 9/20/06 A Jeonbuk Motors 4:2
    CFA Cup
    Quarter-Finals 1st leg 6/29/06 H SD Luneng 1:2 CF
    Quarter-Finals 2nd leg 7/8/06 A SD Luneng 1:0 CF
    15 5/25/06 H Liaoning FC 3:0 CF
    16 5/28/06 A CC Yatai 0:1 CF
    17 7/13/06 A XM Blue Lions 2:1
    20 7/26/06 H SZ FC 1:0 CF
    21 7/29/06 A WH O. Valley 0:2 CF
    22 8/19/06 H SY Ginde 0:0 CF
    24 8/26/06 H XA Chanba Inter. 1:1 CF
    25 9/9/06 A BJ Guoan 0:1
    28 10/1/06 A CQ Lifan 2:5 CF
    26 10/5/06 H SD Luneng 2:1 CF
    30 10/22/06 A Liaoning FC

    PLEASE HELP! :) Thank you!

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