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Discussion in 'Women's College' started by TOTC, Sep 23, 2003.

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    He and Tom Stone called the Santa Clara-Georgia soccer match, and he made commentary about how some elite soccer players, in order to become world-class, need to hit the weight room:

    (paraphrase) "You can be 150, 160 pounds, because you are going to be fit."

    When some male sports commentators in the past (Exhibit A: Ben Wright) have made comments about women's physiques, they have been pilloried. Is it just the fact that Jack is now on a low-exposure network that he can extrapolate on a potentially sensitive subject and get away with it?
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    slightly off-topic, but did Jack utter any of his standard shtick? Gems such as:

    * "torpedo header"
    * "climbing the ladder"
    * "threading the eye of the needle" ;)
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    Disclaimer: I didn't see the game or hear the context of his statement. so basically I'm making it up ;)

    Based on the piece you quoted, I don't have a problem with it. I'd like to think that Jack was trying to get at the point that (as we all know) muscle is more dense than fat so, to some extent, fit, muscular people should weigh more than you think and that women shouldn't all weigh a buck-o-five. Also, there is a misperception about women's appearence and weight training. It is nice to see that at least one announcer wants women to hit the weights.

    I'm also trying to keep in mind that most female soccer players are under 5'5". I'm female and an athlete (well, before I got old and out of shape) and my playing weight (as my dad would say) back in the day was roughly 150 (I am taller than 5'5", though).

    I notice (and rant) when folks make comments about athletes being "fat" when clearly they are in top shape. Being in shape doesn't mean stick thin. This doesn't sound like that sort of comment.

    I like Jack, he's goofy, he loves the game and he cares. I'm sad he's not doing Nat games. Of course, I like quirky, goofy guys who care and if his real life personality is the "nice guy" that his on-air persona is (and he was single) I'd go out with him in a minute.
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    You are right on the mark concerning the points Jack made during the game. He made those comments after stating that a player on one of the teams "wasn't afraid to list her weight." There's no way you could compare his comments with those made by Ben Wright who said something stupid about lesbians and the LPGA tour. Jack's comments were about how "thin obsessed" some people are. He's right.

    Finally, if you want to see some of the top college teams play, tune into CSTV. I live in an area where we got very little soccer coverage on cable, so I ordered DirecTV and on channel 610 (I think) is CSTV and college soccer (weekly games).

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