Ivory Coast Offense

Discussion in 'Africa' started by futbol2ot, Dec 3, 2004.

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    Is anyone in Africa playing better attacking soccer right now than the Ivorians?

    The caliber of attacking players they have is incredible. Didier Drogba was named best footballer in France last year and is tearing it up at chelsea this season. Aruna Dindane was named best forward in the Belgian league. Combined, these two forawards have had a hand in the vast majority of Cote d'Ivoire's goals. At the halfway point in qualifying, the Ivorians are leading their group, which many considered to be the group of death. Most people thought they were just an afterthought. They're not even in the current Cup of Nations. How have they improved so fast?

    I'm just in awe of the depth they have in their attack. Salomon Kalou (Bonaventure Kalou's brother) was the leading scorer for Feyenoord, but he can't even crack the Ivorian line up.

    Most Americans would probably rate the USA higher than Cd'I, but can you imagine the Yanks having so much depth that one of the top scorers in a league like Holland's couldn't even get onto the pitch for the National Team? Not to take anything away from DaMarcus Beasley, but Yank fans (including myself) are thrilled that he's scored a handful of goals for a top Dutch team. He's an automatic starter for the U.S., but Kalou, who's more dominant in the same league, can't get a sniff of playing time on his National Team. If the U.S. had a player like Kalou, he'd probably be the best attacker on the team.

    It should be interesting to see if Les Elephants can keep up their momentum and qualify for their first-ever World Cup.
  2. Kwame_Toronto

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    Oct 11, 2004
    So true so true. It looks like Les Elephants will make it to their first WC, at the expense of Cameroon, the latter trailing Cote D'Ivoire and Libya in the standings at the mo'. I'm really looking forward to watching Les Elephants in Germany 2006. I know they'll go far. Drogba, whom I get to watch on a regular basis during EPL braodcasts, is amazing. He came on at half-time today in Chelski's game v Newcastle, and set up their first goal and scored the second. Have not seen much of Aruna, but I've so much about him being colossal. Same with Salomon Kalou, who apparently is being scouted by Chelski. Even in defence, they have Kolo Toure, who's played quite well for Arsenal.

    Earlier this year, Les Elephants beat the current African champs. According to the match reports it was a walkover for the Ivorians.
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    Sep 6, 2003
    Ivory Coast has been my favourite team in Africa since 94. The development in Africa in general has been awesome. I was so dissappointed they didnt qualify in 98 or 02.

    I put them in my top ten a couple weeks ago in my list of Fifa's top ten teams. AS for putting them ahead of the US, it was a no brainer, US never made my top ten, maybe not even my top 15. I look forward to seeing the elephants kick some a$$.

    Good luck
  4. miky

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    Dec 24, 2003
    ivory coast is coming up fast but there is no way they are better than the likes of nigeria or cameroon those teams are rock hard even southa africa is capable of making them sweat.yes they have lots of stars playing in big clubs now but that goes for most of africa's top teams.we should also remember senegal a team that shocked france its getting hotter now adays but cameroon and nigeria would have no problem qualifying.http://www.fifa.com/en/mens/statistics/index/0,2548,23913-DEC-2004,00.html
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    Mar 5, 2004
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    Uhm, I would really be shocked if Cameroon, and not Côte d'Ivoire, were playing in Germany next year. Right now the African groups are at the half way point (every team has played each other once)... Côte d'Ivoire leads Cameroon by 4 points and they still have a home game left against Cameroon. I don't see how Cameroon can possibly make up 4 points in 5 games, especially with a road game to Abidjan.

    No way Côte d'Ivoire isn't going to Germany IMO (unless of course Libya trips them up, but either way, Cameroon are still not going).
  6. xdanx

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    Aug 12, 2004
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    Have you actually looked at the fixture results from that group. Cameroon has just been unlucky enough to draw a few games. keep in mind that Cameroon has one loss, which incidentally is the same amount of losses that the Ivory Coast has...and go back and see who handed it to the Ivory Coast. Claiming that Cameroon an't make up four points in five games is just being naive. All that is needed is a loss and a draw. I can't see CAmeroon missing out on the World Cup.
  7. miky

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    Dec 24, 2003
    i understand what yo are saying.somehow africa's best teams usually dont pay much focus to thier early qualifying games cameroon know whats at stake and this is the time when tey would shine.its a pity one of the two would have to go but thats how things are hope they increase tally of african teams to wc sooner or later.the big teams would all claim thier spot this coming round.and i wouldn't be surprised if cot d ivore gets burned by cameroon on d day.
  8. essie_majedi

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    Jan 21, 2005
    So. Cal
    14 Cameroon 0 712 0
    32 Egypt 0 635 1
    33 Senegal 0 628 0
    35 Nigeria 0 623 0
    36 South Africa 0 618 0
    38 Morocco 0 614 0
    45 Tunisia 0 580 0
    49 Zimbabwe 4 560 5
    51 Mali 3 552 0
    54 Congo DR 2 550 0
    63 Algeria -1 541 0
    69 Zambia -1 524 0
    70 Côte d'Ivoire 0 522 0
    72 Burkina Faso 6 516 8
    76 Kenya -4 514 -3
    79 Ghana -1 508 0
    83 Angola 0 490 0
    83 Libya 0 490 0
    95 Togo -1 463 0
    100 Uganda

    there is no way egypt are playing better than cote d'ivoire right now
  9. miky

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    Dec 24, 2003

    is this not the very old ranking,yes egypt is more established than cote d ivore but they are picking pace.nigeria leads in ranking follow with cameroon.

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