Its time to change coaches

Discussion in 'New York Red Bulls' started by el, Aug 17, 2002.

  1. el

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    Dec 12, 1998
    Ive defended Zambrano in the past,but it is time he is fired. Constant personnel changes wont work, the metros have above average MLS talent. However the d lacks any sense of organization and the coach has to be held accountable for that. If you look at the players on this team,this is a team that needs to play on the attack,not to defend 1 - 0 leads.
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    IMO, he has to win the cup to survive. An absolutely atrocious outcome tonight.
  3. MartyF

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    Nov 27, 1998
    Oz & Nick make to many roster moves. The team is a wreck right now, remember in 1998 when Alfonso Mondelo lost what 7 matches in a row and was fired two weeks before the playoffs started? The boys are not playing hard for OZ, it's time for Nick to start looking for a new coach for next season! However, let OZ finish the season( he deserevs it) we most likely will be eliminated in the first round by San Jose or Dallas anyway. Next year we need a quality defensive mid who can win balls and tackle well. Jeff Moore and Ross Paule don't win 50/50 balls and give away the ball to much at midfield. When we dump Tab Ramos,Ross Paule,Joe Addo and Balboa next year we have to rebuild w/ good foreigner players. Look at what Dallas has Morrow,O'Brien,Pareja,Vaca,Rodreguiz.
  4. 80sEuroKeeper

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    Jun 3, 2002
    Harrison, NJ
    Nick's assembled a great cast of footballers for OZ. It's the gaffer's fault completely.
  5. Chunas

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    Jul 15, 1999
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    I say, bring Mondelo back to the team he was to me the best coach so far.

  6. Richie

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    May 6, 1999
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    The best coach the Metros ever had was the Portugese guy Q something. Then OZ but it is just not working right now.

    Who would you suggest to coach the Metros?

    I am suprised about one thing that no one is mentioning.

    That is our keeper Tim Howard. What is he telling our backs, and for that matter the mids when we lose the ball? I have yet to see a keeper who is not always trying to pull all his players back when the team loses the ball.

    One of the key things is our support leaves too many holes for the opponent to attack. Even on the attack you can not leave any holes that can be exploited by the opponent on a counter attack if we should lose the ball.

    In the old days this defensive organization fell onto the sweeper. So now we have no sweeper, now it seems no one is trying to get our defense organized and keep defensive shape.

    I am wondering what is Balboa doing to help the team now that he is not playing? He was a sweeper at one time. Maybe he should help the team defensively concerning leaving no space to attack.

    I think we lack a leader in the back who understands limiting the opponets space to play.

  7. I think you could make a case that Dallas is the model in this league for shrewd drafting and signing of foreign players. They have a very solid lineup with great depth.
  8. studsup

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    Aug 12, 2001
    Garden State, born N
    OZ simply does NOT coach the team. He was happy to take credit was when won some (Clint's first year with us), and when Timmy kept us in games we should have been bounced out of last year.
    All the man does is sub at the 80th minutes or replace an injured man.
    Whose bright idea was it to shift the man marking responsiblities of the defense in the first place? Petke and Jolley used to mark people with a sweeper in between them. Yesterday's first half showed some of that return, then what happened in the second?
    Who tells Jeff Moore to run around the filed like a sixth grader. And who tells everybody to try to cover for him leaving gaping holes in the midfield? Who fails to work on Andy Willam's shot? He can distribute but latley has been taking shots that are way off the mark.( and forget that way low percentage shot he took a few games back - others were open and should have been passed to!) Hot doggin opportunities is just a waste.
    OZ doesn't even take the field when they warm up. I haven't seen a practice in a very long time....does OZ even show up? Do the sub coaches just go thru the motions????????
    I mean what does he do?. He certainly does not appear to coach the team in anyway that I see. Look at him on the bench ...he just sits there in his suits, or perhaps he changes into a polo shirt! That's coaching??????
    We have a lot of talent and a lot of confusion in the ranks. We have morale problems and ego problems.
    Get a new coach before it's too late!
    And start Balboa already...whether he plays on crutches, with a cane or not - put the man out there and remind him he is a soccer player! Who is in charge of the rehab businesses with this team anyway!!!!
    And sub Timmy out when he is having a bad game- somebody has to work with him - he is/was great but is lately off his mark, he needs a good coach's help.
    And while they are at it, thank Davis and Jolley for appearing to be the only two on the pitch last night that appeared to give a sh##. And Faria, the man alwasy tries and comes back on D. It takes him a few shots to get one in and when he only recieves two or three passes....We ran the ball down the opposite side of the field eveytime we could and it was so obvious.... no wonder Dallas stopped us easily. That's because they had a coach, that's becasue they had a game plan. That's because they proably practiced a few things together. Stop trading players before Metro the dog is the only one left that's been there for more than a month running and get someone to actually coach this team!!!!
    Just my opion, but DUMP OZ NOW!!!
  9. Wabbit67

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    May 19, 2002
    Avon-by-the-Sea, NJ
    I'm usually not one to assign blame on coaching, but somebody has to be responsible. Upper management can't fire all the players (though many of them deserve it), so the only true way to show that recent play is unacceptable is to fire the coach. Might not be fair, since it ultimately is players who are not performing, but it is the reality of the coaching profession.
  10. Real Ray

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    May 1, 2000
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    You know, I think about this often and I usually say nothing when people go on these boards and trash Dooley and Lothar's 2000 season. Was there a bad side to Lothar? Of course. Was Dooley old and not a 90 min player? Yeah. But I don't think we would see the breakdowns we have seen this year if we had players like them-which I have to think OZ and Nick think about as well with all of the talk about Costacurta-36 years be damned-and the offer to Tony Adams. Petke isn't up to it and neither is Howard.

    I remember leaving Giants Stadium walking on air after game two against Chicago that year; there where moments of truly inspiring football that match. It all seems so long ago now.
  11. Bigfoot

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    People tend to forget Lothar played very well towards the end of the 2000 season and in the playoffs.

    He kept things organized in back with Hernandez injured and found his form with 30-40 yard pinpoint passes out of the back.

    He even exited his career at GS to a "There's only one Lothar" cheer.

    Dooley as I recall was good for about a decent half in those days then he gave it up.
  12. Haig

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    May 14, 2000
    My memories of Thomas Dooley in a Metro shirt are of a balding prone man watching play run past him.

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