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Discussion in 'Portugal: National Teams' started by Jonathan Pimentel, Nov 17, 2018.

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    Go look at the stats, this is not an emotional argument, look at the facts (beyond football). No inferiority complex, but no false superiority complex to hide an underlying refusal to face hard facts (look at Eurostat, OCDE...reports). Football wise we are top 10 in the world maybe top 5 (at times), the Record over the past 10 years or so is evidence of that, the only real argument against this statement is our poor WC performances post 2006, which where, Round 2 in 2010, Group Stage in 2014 and Round 2 in 2018.
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    There is a something called "winning mentality". Alpha or Beta male psychology have nothing to with it. The will to win alone won't get Portugal titles due to being out coached or individual player mistakes but it makes us very hard to beat and a very important attitude to pass on to our younger players.

    Tons of books out there on this topic and some where written by actual winners.

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