Isak Thorvaldsson at ÍA (ISL) loaned from Norwich City.

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    Ísak Snær Þorvaldsson has been capped over 20 times for Iceland's U17-U19 teams. He had captained their U19 side. He is provisionally cap-tied.

    Isak has been described as a tough-tackling center midfielder and plays as a 6 or and 8.

    He was loaned to Fleetwood Town in League One and then went on to St Mirren in the Scottish Premiership where he made only 2 appearances at each stop.
    Isak is back home in Iceland on loan and is flourishing in the top league there. His Norwich City U23 contract ends in 2022.

    Thanks to @Dave Marino-Nachison for confirming that he has an American father.
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    There's a pretty good amount of video on YT:

    His St. Mirren welcome interview:

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    From Instagram: "5 years at Norwich has come to an end. I played my first game 14 years old and leaving 6 years later. I want to thank all players and staff who helped me throughout my journey. Me and my family are grateful for all the friends and families that made Norwich feel like home from the startit’s time for me to take the next step in my career elsewhere."
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