Is this the end for Marcus at Reading???

Discussion in 'Yanks Abroad' started by mschofield, Jul 5, 2005.

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    Uhm, no. but in keeping with reactions to teams having the audacity to actually sign new players while having a living American on the roster, Reading _ who have loaned out their backup and now have exactly one keeper on the first team, who is currently at the Gold Cup, are looking at Sasha Iliac, formerly of Charlton and not a bad keeper at all.
    Sorry, I have no idea how this machine i'm on today works, but the story is on the website.
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    Quite obviously, Reading see no need to back up an American player as it is well known that Americans don't get hurt and never lose form.
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    Well from the article he seems well traveled and unsettled in many of the places he's been, Charlton being the exception. That seems like he's maybe not up to the standards of being a #1 but a good, servicable backup. Reading love Marcus, so I don't see this as a threat.
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    It's a bit of an awkward one for any manager. I doubt we'd be looking to replace Marcus, not unless we could bring in a real high class keeper, but who'd want to join a club to probably sit on the bench for year?

    Who knows, perhaps John Madejski will have nightmares about our last keeper with eastern europe connections, the famous wig-wearing Borislav Mikhailov of Bulgaria, who spent most of his time pretending to be injured, only to make a 'surprising' recovery when the Bulgarian national squads were due to be announced.

    Illic is a decent keeper, but he's not getting any younger, and isn't likely to be someone who'd be an obvious candidate to take over in goal. He also doesn't ever seem to have ever played for Crystal Palace reserves, so Coppell is unlikely to be interested.
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    and just one living american. convey doesnt count.
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    When I saw this thread heading... I feared Marcus had picked up a substantial injury or incurable disease or something that would put his career in jeopardy.

    While if this happens, I can imagine it will continue to push Marcus to be the best he can be... but I'm going to bet that Marcus won't lose a minutes sleep because of it.

    Marcus is firmly entrenched as the #1 at Reading, he's a favorite of the managment, the players, and the fans. It would take the signing of a much better player than Sasa Ilic - a 33 year old journeyman keeper. I'm not disparaging Sasa at all... he seems a decent keeper and would give Reading some experienced backup help in case Marcus can't be the iron man he was last year.
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    Word is though that this is a loan signing until January - and after his legal issues are sorted out. He was charged with rape last year and apparently Reading won't sign him permanently unless he is cleared of those charges in court.
    This is the same player who punched a hooligan after he was attacked while with Beveren.

    While it's entirely possible these incidents were not his fault, it's more baggage than most 23 year olds have following them.

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