Is there any chance that Michael Rensing could play for Serbia?

Discussion in 'Serbia & Montenegro' started by yellowbismark, Sep 23, 2009.

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    Stojkovic sucks and Rensing is behind in the German goalkeepers depth list. With the new rule about youth cap-ties being non-binding, he could be eligible to switch to Serbia. Has he entertained the Serbia option before?
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    That was brought up by Serbian press, but I do not consider it realistic.Personally I do not think we need him.He played for Germany in all youth categories-joining Serbia now, that he is aware that he will never feature for their A-team, would be kind of mercenary act.
    Stojkovic sucks? Just because he made his first ever blunder in Serbian NT? We knew it would come some day.He has been great so far in qualificatons, replacing him after one bad match, would not be a fair thing to do and from what I know about Antic he wont do it. Yes-he needs to find a new club, to play matches.But he is a combination of Yashin and Beara when compared with Rensing(whom I also had a chance to watch many times, and I was not impressed at all).
    So my opinion is-we do not need him.

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