Is Churbishly headed to Tottenham?

Discussion in 'Charlton Athletic' started by chriswalk27, Dec 26, 2003.

  1. chriswalk27

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    Dec 8, 2003
    Dalton Georgia
    I was wondering what Charlton fans thought of your head man going across town to Tottenham? Is he really the magic man people claim him to be. Seems to me Charlton has a very keen group of people helping manage their money and scout out talent.

    Chris Walker
  2. prk166

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    Aug 8, 2000
    Med City
  3. kevruth

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    May 30, 2001
    Perrysburg, Ohio, US
    I don't think Curbs will leave the Addicks now. He's got a chance to see his dream of reaching Europe.

    Spurs is so bad that may actually get relegated. That team is such a mess. I can't believe that Spurs is going into the stock markets to raise £15 million just to throw away on player transfers. The board of directors must be nuts.

    Konchesky just came back from there where they said he really performed well. He didn't look so good yesterday. And, if thats how he did at Spurs, then I can only imagine how much worse the rest the team played.

    If Spurs gets pounded Sunday then I think his move there will be all but extinguished.
  4. hartley

    hartley Member

    I would be very surprised to see Curbs go anywhere at this time. And if he were to leave, I doubt it would be a lateral or downward move. That would eliminate Tottenham and clubs like that.

    Actually, if Curbs leaves soon, I would venture to guess it would be to take over the English national team.

    He's got Charlton at fifth right now. Not many of the other managers in the EPL could get that same group to fifth. He has next to no money to spend year after year and yet they have stayed out of the relegation zone and are climbing the table. He's not magical but he is very good and working for a club that is doing things very well in order to build themselves.
  5. RobtheAggie

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    Sep 10, 2001
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    United States
    I would be suprised if Curbishly leaves. He has a great situiation right now. He is the king and cn do very little wrong. Charlton is on the move in an upward path. If the expansion of the Valley goes through to 40k, that is a whole lot more money available to him. Add that to possible European money next year and there should be some for moves. Lets hope that they stay smart and pick up the Carleton Cole's or Chris Perry's on loan.
  6. kevruth

    kevruth Member

    May 30, 2001
    Perrysburg, Ohio, US
    Chris Perry was purchased for £100,000 back in November.

    I think Cole could be purchased quite cheaply from Chelsea considering they are more willing to buy big name players than bring up young talent. I would think they could get him for £100 to £200 thousand.
  7. CrewToon

    CrewToon Member

    Jun 13, 1999
    Greenbrier Farm
    I don't see Curbs going to Spuds, either. If he was going to leave the Addicks, it would have been a couple of seasons ago to take over the Irons.

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