Is anything positive happening in Iraq/Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Politics & Current Events' started by Matt in the Hat, Sep 12, 2003.

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    Judging by the amout of importance given to random acts of violence in Iraq and Afghanistan, I assume that those countries are actually not going to hell. So, does anyone know about some of the positive things going on? We know that the media hates to tell the positive story because it doesn't sell and sounds sappy, but I know it has to be out there.

    Anyone? And please If you are just here to say nothing positive is happening dont post.
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    There was a great article (in the guardian I think) about a Thai lady who has opened restaurants in the wake of every major conflict - Balkans, Afghanistan, etc. Basically she makes loads of money from the UN reconstruction workers (or the workers they pay). She set up a big, well guarded compound stocked with good food, alcohol, and some very pretty waitresses.

    Considering how hard it is to get good Thai food in some places, I would consider that a good thing.
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    Well, since we are presumably all football fans, this is a good place to begin:

    Iraq soccer team to return to competition.

    Quote: 'Iraq's soccer team will return to international competition at the Asian cup qualifiers in October.'

    I am willing to wager that the training methods are likely to improve after Udday Hussein stepped down as sports director.

    And also this:

    Afghanistan soccer squad ranked on FIFA chart.

    Quote: 'Afghanistan resumed international competition following the fall of the Taliban after not having participated in international soccer for two decades. In the last five years of Taliban rule, the main soccer stadium in Kabul was used for public executions.'

    I would submit that the new stadium tenant is definitely an improvement over the old one.

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