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    Hey guys, I'm back if only briefly. I miss reading the board, but my life has been taken over by class...and The Facebook, which brings me here.

    A friend has a group about her where she is the Queen of Ireland. She wants to give me an office and I need the name of a decent Irish FIFA Ref. Any help given would be great.
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    I'm not going to ask about the rest of your post, which goes over my head. I'll just answer your question by pointing you here:,1576,MIRL,00.html

    Alan Kelly is definitely Ireland's top guy right now. That being said, he isn't that high-up, only doing the lower level European matches from what I've seen.

    Historically, Alan Snoody is the best Irish referee that I'm aware of, but he's from Northern Ireland. He went to World Cup 1990, I believe. Someone else might be able to help you out with referees going further back.
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    Alan Kelly is indeed Ireland's top ranked official, being a Category 2 referee. However, Ian Stokes is a very good, young FIFA referee. As is David Malcolm from Northern Ireland. Both are Category 3 UEFA referees.

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