Ireland-russia Match In Threat!

Discussion in 'Ireland' started by closey, Sep 5, 2002.

  1. closey

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    Jul 26, 2002

    (12:10) Saturday's Euro 2004 qualifier between Russia and Ireland could be under threat due to forest and peat bog fires in the Moscow region.

    Air traffic has been seriously disrupted and one of the city's two main airports has closed due to the smoke.

    A state of emergency has been declared in much of the city due to high levels of carbon monoxide and an increased number of respiratory ailments have been reported.

    Russian Football Union Secretary-General Vladimir Radionov has said that he hoped the smog would not prevent the teams from arriving this evening or playing on Saturday.

    The fires, many of which are smouldering in peat bogs, are considered almost impossible to put out to due to the worst drought in 100 years.

    Ireland’s Euro 2004 match under threat
    Filed at: Thursday, September 05 2002 12:01 PM

    The Republic of Ireland’s Euro 2004 qualifier against Russia in Moscow is under threat due to forest and peat bog fires in the Moscow region, Russian football officials said today. The Irish team flew out to Moscow this morning for the game.

    Russian Football Union Secretary-General Vladimir Radionov said that a delay in the match would have to be considered if conditions prevented the Irish team from arriving on time Thursday evening. "We all hope that the smog will not prevent the teams from playing on Saturday," Radionov said.

    However, local media have reported that the pollution has caused a major increase in carbon monoxide levels and respiratory ailments. RFU press spokesman Andrei Tarabrin said a decision on the match should be finalised by the both sides representatives and the UEFA delegate on Saturday morning.
  2. Junior_Manc

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    Jul 30, 2002
    Manchester, England
    Goth this from the Heathrow website

    "Moscow's Domodedovo Airport resumed normal operations today after being badly disrupted on Wednesday night by thick smoke covering the Russian capital.

    As visibility at the airport deteriorated, restrictions were placed on both incoming and out-going flights and lasted into Thursday morning.

    Planes were diverted to Sheremetyevo Airport. Normal operations at Domodedovo re-started around 11am local time."

    As I think all flights from Ireland/England fly in to Sheremetyevo this should cause fans a problem....fingers crossed as Im off tonight!!
  3. Junior_Manc

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    Jul 30, 2002
    Manchester, England
    Apologies this should have read "..should NOT cause fans a problem" fingers are however still crossed!!
  4. Len_Brennan

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    Aug 9, 2002
    You should be okay if you are going in the evening. We are flying early in the morning, which is when the smog is at it's worst. Might be held up in Heathrow for a while I reckon! Luckily though we're not leaving until Monday, so if they do go ahead and move the game back to Sunday, we won't be affected.
  5. closey

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    Jul 26, 2002
    Sounds better now!

    Russia's soccer chief has dismissed media reports that his country's 2004 European championship qualifier against Ireland on Saturday could be postponed because of heavy smog hanging over Moscow. "No, absolutely not, we don't even have any provisions for a possible postponement," Alexander Tukmanov, executive director of the Russian Football Union (RFU), told Reuters today. "The match will go on schedule, I can guarantee that."
    RFU secretary general Vladimir Rodionov was quoted earlier in the day by Russian media as saying that the group 10 opener at Moscow's Lokomotiv stadium could be in jeopardy unless weather conditions improved.
    The smog from fires outside the capital thickened considerably on Thursday morning, particularly in eastern Moscow, where the Lokomotiv stadium is located. The pitch was barely visible from the upper stands.
    Smog also prompted delays in some flights at Moscow airports on Thursday morning. The Irish are scheduled to arrive in Moscow later today.
    "We're monitoring the situation on a daily basis," said Tukmanov. "Yes, the smog was really bad this morning, but in the afternoon the situation has improved, so right now I wouldn't worry about the cancellation of the match on Saturday."
  6. NYC

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    Nov 1, 1999
    Peat bog fires. Ha. Try playing qualifiers in Mexico City with smog from 40 million Toyota Bugs.
  7. BrianCappellieri

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    Feb 11, 2002

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