Iranians Shining in Belgium and Germany today (8-31)

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    In German Cup match, Vahid Hashemian scores once again for Bochum to extend their lead to 3-1 over Erzgebirge Aue. Aue scored the first goal of the match and had a 1-0 lead, but Bochum came back with 3 goals to win the match. Iranian, striker, Vahid Hashemian assisted the 2nd goal and scored the 3rd and was one of the best players on the pitch for Bochum.

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    Meanwhile, the Iranians did well for Charleroi today in Charleroi's tied Antwerp 1-1 and Emamifar scored the goal for the Belgian side. Yazdani assisted Emamifar's goal with a nice cross and Emamifar scored it respectively. Mohammad Reza Mahdavi also had a good game.
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    Good to see Hashemian scoring as usual. But an assist by him is something new. I guess he and Christainsen are really battling for that top spot.

    Also good to see that Kia is comming back. He assisted one goal in a Cup game against another team. He is slowly going back to the top 11 of Hamburg. Hopefully he can have the most assists in bundesliga again like he did previously.

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