Iran Vs. Iraq [R] WAFF cup

Discussion in 'Asian Football Confederation' started by aka z, Sep 5, 2002.

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    Iraq beat Iran 6-5 in Pk's after finishing the full time and extra time 0-0. Iraq plays Jordan in the final game where Iran will meet Syria for third place.
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    Jul 15, 2002
    Iraq played pretty decent, but Iran did outplay them during most of the match. Iraq deserves the win though as Iran missed too many penalties in this tournament.
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    Nov 17, 2001
    here is a report written by a friend of mine who the member Kambiz_Bahal who posts here once in a while:

    Iran's U-23 Team faced Iraq today in Syria. Iran played another dissapointing match in which teamwork was not exactly at its highest and finishing was poor. It can be said that Javad Nekounam, Jalal Kamelifar and Iman Mobali were the only Iranian players that showed some consistency throughout the match. The team in general was not playing a relaxed style and all passes were rushed, therefore 90% of them did not get the destination.

    Iran and Iraq had abotu an equal amount of chances in the 1st half despite Iran controlling possession. But in the second half Iran turned up a knotch, and still could not score.

    The game headed into PK's where Iran has not been to successful in throughout this tournament, by already missing 2.

    Penalty Summary:

    Javad Nekounam scores into top left side of goal for Iran.

    Ahmad Jassem scores to MIrzapour's right side for Iraq.

    Sohrab Bakhtiarzadeh shoots calmly and scores low into right corner.

    Noori-Abass scores into MIrzapour's right for Iraq.

    Moharram Navidkia scores into the left side of the goal with a nicely placed PK for Iran.

    Heydar-Shoori scores into Mirzapour's right side for Iraq.

    Nosrati, young iranian player, scores into the left side of the goal for Iran.

    Emad Reza, Iraq's star player, scores to Mirzapour's right.

    Ali Reza Nikbakht Vahedi shoots to middle of goal and his shot is saved by Iraqi goalie.

    Razagh Farhan's penalty is shot to left corner but punched out by Mirzapour who reads and saves his first penalty of the match.

    Mohsen Bayatinia scores a very well-placed penalty into the top left corner of Iraq's goal for Iran.

    Neshat Ali scores into right side of goal for Iraq.

    Hamid Azizzadeh shoots slightly right but more toward middle and his PK is saved by Iraqi keeper.

    Younes Khalaf shoots nicely into right side of goal to finish the match off for Iraq.

    Overall, not an impressive performance by Iran and there are definetely issues to be addressed before our team's matches in Busan Tournament (Asian Games), but we can only imagine that we will get better with time.

    Kambiz M. for

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