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Discussion in 'Galaxy Supporters Clubs' started by JasonMa, Apr 14, 2012.

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    Hi all. Any Galaxy fans who are coming to Denver for the game on April 21st (or any game really) are welcome to stop by the Class VI/Pid Army tailgate. Class VI runs the grills serving up hot dogs and provides soda, Pid Army provides the kegs, and most of the regulars bring food to share. We'll be starting at 4pm for this one and we're going to attempt our version of LA's bacon-wrapped hot dogs. The tailgate is in the West VIP Parking Lot, just across from Gate F (the SW corner of the stadium). There's no charge for the tailgate, but donations are always welcome. Just look for the tents (assuming its not windy) and the Class VI and Pid Army flags.

    More info here:
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    If I go to Denver this year it will be for the September game as I have spotted the pig roast on you tailgate schedule.

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