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  1. bkn0528

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    Aug 2, 2003
    e interview in AS

    translated below

    Dream come true. You made your debut in the Bernabeu. Was it like you'd imagined?
    It was incredible, I assure you. I had made my debut in the Copa del Rey, but it was in Leganes and it's not the same. The great dream of my life was this, to finally play in the Bernabeu. And it's happened! It's impressive, I still don't believe it.

    And at just 17 years, like Raul...
    Yes, it's true. Raul also made his debut at the same age. It makes me proud, because Raul is the example that all the players from the youth teams want to follow. On Sunday, when I was warming up and I looked up, I was dying to go out on the field and play.

    Later, the fans applauded you after some plays...
    Really? I didn't notice!

    You didn't hear it?
    No. The truth is that when you're there on the pitch the only thing you think about is the game and doing things well. I didn't notice what was going on outside it. But I suppose, as I'm a player who's just come out of the youth squad, the people will be behind me even more. It's normal that they help us. And if the applauded me, I thank them very much for it.

    They were also asking about your height. The public was surprised by how tall you are.
    Yes, it's true that I'm very tall. I'm 1,87 (about 6 foot 3 inches). That's a lot for my age. And the doctors say that I will still grow a bit more! I don't believe it, I don't know, but it the last year I don't think I've grown. If I keep doing it...!

    Is the Bernabeu so impressive?
    Int he beginning, yes. I was accustomed to watching the games from above, in the stands, and when I was warming up I felt strange. Later came the substitution, and I came on the field... Later, when I touched the first ball I felt much more calm and then the time flew by. I almost didn't even realize it. It was all very fast.[/B]

  2. bkn0528

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    Aug 2, 2003
    When you first played in the Copa, you told me that Celades was one of those who helped you the most. Sunday you came on for him. What did he say?
    In the Copa del Rey he helped me a lot and I'll never forget it. Sunday, when we made the change, he congratulated me and told me to be calm, that he was convinced that I would do well, like I know how to do.

    In Leganes and in Tenerife you played with some of your colleagues from Real Madrid B, but yesterday there were all the 'galacticos'...
    Yes. It's amazing. Above all because in this game you saw beautiful goals. I saw Owen's goal from the field and it was incredible. What's more, everyone treated me very well. I felt well supported all the time.

    Have you gotten accustomed yet to regularly being in the plans of Garcia Remon?
    No! This is just starting! I train often with the first team, but Sunday was an exception. I have my feet on the ground. I'm a player of Real Madrid B and I have a lot of work to do if I want to achieve my goal. Right now I'm only thinking of winning with my teammates and finishing the season as high in the table as possible.

    Well, the coach has the intention of going to Villarreal with the Copa team. And you're in that team.
    It would be very nice. But it's still early to talk about that. I have to continue to work hard this week and I'll do everything I can to be there if I'm needed. What happens then is a decision the coach will have to make and that I'll respect. Whatever it is.

    Yesterday, in the practice, he was paying close attention to you. Did you talk about your play on Sunday?
    Yes, He asked what was the sensation that I was left with after the game. And little more. He asked me to be calm and to keep working like I have to this point. The truth is that he treats us all very well, he's always very attentive and wants us integrated in the team.

    What do you think Javi Garcia can bring to this team?
    Oof! Real Madrid has everything! What I know I can offer is a guarantee of hard work, a lot of sacrifice and a lot of desire to play well. I have all my hopes in my work and when the year ends I hope the balance is positive.

    Be sincere. How do you see the situation of the youth teams of Real Madrid?
    Well, sincerely, it's very good from my point of view. They are counting on us, especially in the games that have been played so far in the Copa del Rey. Later, when the manager of the first team has needed one of us to come up and lend a hand he's done so without problems. And I also think that those of us who have had the opportunity to get on the field have done well. I don't thnk the youth teams are stagnant. We still have a lot to offer, I'm sure.
  3. kaberon10

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    Aug 10, 2002
    Javi Garcia, besides being a great young talent, seems like a great young player -- more modest and polite than almost anyone I've heard!!! His second to last question and answer -- what can you bring to the team? -- makes me believe the Cantera, Real Madrid B, and the future of Real is in good hands with the young players we have and are processing.
  4. gazzad_5

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    Jan 19, 2004
    does anybody know how, where etc this guy tends to play?
    he is very tall, and i believe has scored a lot with his head. is he a striker, midfielder, both?
    is his playing style all about work ethic or does he have that natural technique, dribbling ability?

    i remember starting a thread about him in july time
  5. bkn0528

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    Aug 2, 2003
    yes Gazzad he's the player that Manchester United tried to sign over the summer, but he rejected a move that would have made him a significant amount of money for a player his age. He's a central midfielder, more of an attacking midfield player than a defensive one, but with his size and youth perhaps he could be molded into a proper two-way midfielder the likes of which we really could use.

    a picture of javi garcia with garcia remon the day after the levante game.

  6. La China Poblana

    May 13, 2003
    Very cool to see someone that loyal at his age.
  7. gazzad_5

    gazzad_5 Member

    Jan 19, 2004
    by the looks of reports midweek it appears he will start against villareal, very excited to see him play his full debut
    marca said he will play as a 'double pivot' with celades.

  8. kaberon10

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    Aug 10, 2002
    I forget where I read it, but I believe Celades is one of the players that really reached out to JGarcia and made him feel welcome. Hopefully he plays calmly and confidently with Celades by his side, and I think he can do well. If you follow English soccer you see Cesc Fabregas, who Arsenal signed from Barca -- he is 17 years old and already considered talented enough to start for them in CL games, EPL games, FA Cup games, etc. If we can get a player, from our own Cantera, who can do the same, the club will show the world that we can train our own talent, besides buying it. GOOD LUCK JAVI!
  9. gazzad_5

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    Jan 19, 2004
    When you first played in the Copa, you told me that Celades was one of those who helped you the most. Sunday you came on for him. What did he say?
    In the Copa del Rey he helped me a lot and I'll never forget it. Sunday, when we made the change, he congratulated me and told me to be calm, that he was convinced that I would do well, like I know how to do.

    from the post above ;)
  10. gazzad_5

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    Jan 19, 2004
    another interview, if you can be bothered reading through the poor translation:


    Javi Garci'a: "I have dreamed that the mess before the Villarreal"

    J. L. CALDER. Madrid

    "Javi Garci'a takes the baton from Madrid? I like as she sounds ". The canterano of 17 years is excited with its debut as to title in League with the white set the next Sunday before the Villarreal and it told his sensations in Mark yesterday to 72 hours of his great day. He says that still nothing has confirmed him, but already barrunta that will jump of beginning to the turf of the Madrigal next to Beckham, Ronaldo, Owen and Ci'a: "míster he has spoken much with me these days, but he has not said to me that he is going to be to title. I know that in the Press they say that I will play from the beginning next to Celades in the center of the field and hope that they are not mistaken ".

    Javi Garci'a is anxious because to confir its titularidad to me before the Villarreal. It recognizes that already jugadó is ` the party tens of times: "Attempt not to give many returns him, but I recognize that more of once I have imagined played and have marked some that another golito. Que how would celebrate it? Surely I will become crazy and do first that is happened to me. The truth is that these days there have been times that I have stopped myself to think that I can be to title with Real Madrid and is hallucinating. That yes, pressure the joust, because what I really have it is an immense illusion to respond to the confidence of míster ".

    Ten years after Raul was to title for the first time with Madrid in the Romareda it touches to the turn to Javi Garci'a, who will do it with the same age that ` 7' white. "Quie'n me was going it to say! It is what I say to you, that is incredible. Ten years ago it had seven añitos and it was playing with my friends. And we imagined that we were Raul, that ídolo has been my. Sight you by where now I also am fulfilling my dream ". A dream that have arrived to him from blow and porrazo. It is necessary to consider that the last season finished it in Juvenil B! Then, six months later it has made debut with Madrid and it is on the verge of being to title. Everything a record. And it is that the subchampionship in European sub-17 that conquered with Spain summer the past relaunched its trajectory, that already gave a good jump in the beginning of the present season happening to comprise of the group of Madrid B. "the truth is that everything has gone very fast, but I am enchanted. I insist on which it is hallucinating what I am living. El debut before Levante? One will not forget to me in the life. When he was warming up in the band and Garci'a Remón called to me gave subidón me... I went to the bench sprintando. Como not to run! (laughter).

    Javi Garci'a recognizes that to make debut and to do it in the center of the field it is one double responsibility. "They say that if works the center of the field, the equipment works, but surely that Celades will help me much. I have already played next to him other times and I feel very comfortable. It gives advice me and I thank for it. El party? It is important and he will be hard ". Finally, galácticó joked with the one of that already is ` more: "Yes, already Wendish t-shirts: the one of my father and the one of my grandfathers ".

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