In Memory of Kathy Garrett

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    Jun 18, 2007
    Kathy Garrett
    Aug. 15, 1969 - Aug. 19, 2007


    It is with great sadness that we share with you the passing of Kathy Garrett. Kathy passed away Sunday 8/19/07 in St Louis having fallen into a coma a few days prior. Kathy was a dear friend, an amazing role model, mother, wife and member of the fury staff. She was 38 and is survived by husband Judd and children Calvin (14), Frankie (12), Campbell (9) and Kassidy (4).
    Kathy coached in our girls program for two seasons and her daughter Frankie played with the 94/95 girls from U9 thru U11 when the family moved to St.Louis.

    Kathy Garrett’s obituary is posted in the St. Louis Post Dispatch and can be viewed online. There is a section where you can write a message to the family.
    Memorial donations can be made to the Kathleen Kobler-Garrett Scholarship Fund at Rosati Kain High School or Princeton University.


    Puts it all into perspective doesn't it? I went home, held my family and told them how much I loved them.

    I didn't know Mrs. Garrett, but she coached at a local club and I thought it would only be appropriate to share her memory...

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    Thoughts and prayers to her family and friends.

    It's always a shame when someone dedicated to soccer is lost.

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