In addition to the Supporter's Shield, how about A SUPPORTER'S FLAG

Discussion in 'MLS: General' started by pc4th, Sep 18, 2003.

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    Each year, the winniest team receive the supporter's shield and then pass on to the next team. How about creating something permanent like a supporter's flag in which the winning team can pass/donate this flag to its most loyal supporters group (or sharing between supporters groups). The flag would be around 3 feet by 5 feet (nothing large) thus would cost around 100 dollars (my estimation). We could make two of them, one for the team to keep and one for the team to pass on to its loyal supporters groups. It could be a yearly tradition.
    For example, this year if the Fire won it, it would receive 2 flags from us MLS fans. One would be on display on its trophy case, the other would be donate to its supporters groups to wave and cheer on game day.
    If this tradition keeps up, 30 years from now we would have 30 (or 37) Supporter's Flags waving at the MLS CUP 2033. It would be a sight to behold.
    I did some Yahoo search and found an example of a flag that we could modify or what not.

    (just an idea)
    instead of the color red, we could use the color blue as the backgroud, instead of a black circle in the middle, we could use a soccer ball, a word "Supporter Shield" can be a semi-circle behind the star-look-alike. and the number "2003" can be the other semi-circle curving upward (where the Supporter Shield is curving downward) behind the star-circle thing.
    How about it people? remember the flag i mention is just an example. There are a lot of creative people in here that can design a better flag.

    I am willing to donate 20 dollars for this project.
    What do you think? Could this be achievable? And who want to volunteer to oversee the project?
    I know HalaMadrid is doing a Section 8 Chicago Banner that cost around $1500 or so, a really awsome project by the way. Pay-pal, check...etc.
    Someone with expertise like that could oversee this project. (thus it excludes me).
    basic steps:
    1) Design
    2) collect the money
    3) order the flag
    4) send the flag to the Supporter Shield representative.

    200 people donating 1 dollars each would be enough (I think) for two 5 feet by 3 feet flag.
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    It's gotta be done, but I want these Supporter's flags to fly over all these new MLS Stadiums that will be popping up in the next two years.

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