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Discussion in 'Coach' started by Coach_Barry, Oct 24, 2003.

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    Before I order a book from Eurosport, I'd like to ask for any suggestions about how to help my U14 Boys team to improve their speed. We have a good team, but speed is our achilles heel.

    Thanks in advance
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    I recommend that you look at for books and videos on speed training.

    A couple of titles include:

    Drills for Speed, Agility, and Quickness Video-NTSC
    Training for Speed, Agility and Quickness
    Drills for Speed, Agility, and Quickness Book/Video Package

    I have used some of the European produced videos and I have found them to be lacking in the details of how to. The Human-Kinetics print and video material are superior in my opinion.
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    i'm a 15 year old and my speed has improved after a practice i push myself to do suicides... older people and friends tell me that you develop and learn more when u push yourself farther after you're already tired... this also greatly develops endurance
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    It seem like we have the same goal, but I would like to increase speed at the same time ball control. talk to me about your drills....
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    There are all kinds of things people call speed.

    Flat out speed, first step speed and quickness.

    Some people say you either have it or you don't. They have a point up to a point I believe.

    It really comes down to is what type of muscle fiber your body has developed.(fast or slow twitch)

    Plus how motivated the player is o train. You can not be motivated for him. So it is up to the player on how much he can improve.


    Quickness is a different kind of speed. Fast in a small space which is one of the things I look for in a player. I think you can make a player quicker.

    Type IIa-fast oxidative(50milisecond twitch)well developed sacroplasmic reticulum which cause calcium to be released quicker which contributes directly to quickness.

    Developed by training in quick motions and high reps/light weight.

    Some drills I use to improve player quickness.

    You can do figure 8's Put up two cones and your players run around and through and around them making a figure 8.

    Have them go in both directions. Then gradually bring the cones closer together to make the 8's in a smaller space.
    Also try this

    X X
    X X

    Lay out 5 cones Players run around the cones always cutting back around the center cone.

    Then you have first step speed great for soccer.

    Again not everyone has the musle type for speed off the first step. Tab Ramos had this gift very fast off the first step, but I would not call him fast over a long distance. He was just fast enough off the first step to beat most first defenders 1 v 1. He also had great quickness, but not great over all speed.

    Do plyometrics for first step explosive speed.

    1. Skipping
    2. Striding
    3. Side Shuffling Right
    4. Side Shuffling Left
    5. Back Peddling
    6. Skipping for Height
    7. Skipping for Distance
    8. Sprinting
    9. Bounding Right
    10. Bounding Left
    11. Backwards Sprinting
    12. Bounding from the left foot to the right foot
    13. Broad jumps
    14. Sprinting
    15. Walking Lunges
    16. High Knees
    17. Butt Kicks
    18. Straight Leg Run
    19. Sprinting

    Rest and Stretch in between the above mentioned

    The one I like the best is (hurdling sprinting Hurdling sprinting hurdling) alternating feet on the jumps.. Do not use regular hurdles until your 17 yrs old. In the mean time lower the height of the hurdles.

    "Speed" by a friend of mine Gary Rue

    Soccer Conditioning
    Warm-up/Stability, Straight Ahead Running
    Ken Kontor
    1999 NSCAA Convention

    The average sprint distance of a soccer player is 15 meters.Do not train to run efficiently for long distance-train to run fast.

    Warm-up to play-do not play to warm-up. Movements have to build gradually to
    game speed; raise the core temperature and engage the nervous system.

    * Jog for 5 minutes
    * Leg swings-forward, cross body, 10 each
    * Active stretching over 20 yards with the following warm-ups#1
    * Skip forward, backwards
    * Side skip with arm swing
    * Cross step, skip across foot-big hip movement (quick steps)
    * Carioca
    * High knee carioca as if going to sprint
    * Backward run, heels kick up to butt
    * High skip#2
    * Skip with loops or swings
    * Cross over skip
    * Quick hip swings
    * Long shuffles with turn in the middle
    * Carioca with turn
    * Carioca at angles
    * Plant and cut; three steps plant and cut, stopping and bending
    * Forward and backward leg swings
    * High leg forward and backwards
    * Quick step backpedal to sprint
    * Sprint to backpedalMaster straight-ahead speed first, but go to lateral movements, stops and
    cuts, etc.

    First step is often too long.There are 18-22 different starting (from a stop) positions in a game.

    Hoop equipment (18" diameter) exercises:
    * Walk and hit the first hoop with coach specified foot and sprint out
    * Jog and hit the first hoop with coach specified foot and sprint out
    * Sprint with coach specified foot and sprint out
    * Side-on with cross step into hoop...
    * Side-on with an open step...
    * Shuffle into hoop, plant and sprint
    * Jump and turn in air, step into hoop and sprintHoops are 10 yards apart, sprint to first, then sprint to second, but
    halfway turn and run backwards, turning again just before the hoop.

    Four lines of players, each group of four sprinting to 4 hoops, then to 2

    Work on it with the team.

    Player dribbles to gate, passes to another player and sprints forwards as
    second player passes ball ahead.

    The first player retrieves and crosses for
    another player to shoot on goal.

    The player should be timed over the first
    ten yards after the pass. A defender can be added at the gate to turn on the
    pass and sprint with the passer.


    Well I hope some of this helps.


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