Impressed with FOX Sports so far

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  1. They show more soccer than ESPN ever did.
    Even MLS Wrap is shown numerous times during the week, and not just on FSW; looking at the online Digital Guide right now, I notice they have MLS Wrap tonight at 9:00 pm... on the FS Atlantic channel. That's ch. 311 for Charter customers with the Sports Tier package.

    kudos to Fox!
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    Oct 27, 2002
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    That depends on where you are. I have the FS Tier package on Charter and FS Atlantic is channel 401 here. We don't get FSW in my part of town..:( We do get FSW Espanol (different programing mostly) as the entire area does but some lucky sections get both with the package.
    They divide the town into sections and give different service to customers depending where you are. FSW is still nowhere near as available as ESPN and ESPN2. :(

    MLS Wrap is now delayed for women's Volleyball..At least they're better looking than those Bass fishermen or the Strongest Man dudes!
  3. Fah Que

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    Sep 29, 2000
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    ESPN shows tons of soccer but just not in US.
  4. Re: Re: Impressed with FOX Sports so far

    That's what I meant... in the US.
    Many Revolution games are usually aired on our regional Fox Sports channel, FSNE.
    I must assume other MLS teams' games are shown on their regional Fox Sports channels also.
  5. akimmel

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    May 19, 2003
    Not necessarily. It is up to each team to make their own local broadcasting deals. Here in Dallas the local UPN affiliate shows the home Burn games. I'm guessing our Fox Sports regional didn't want the games for the following reasons:

    1. They want Sat. afternoon free for college football, which is king in this part of the country

    2. Our regional is Fox Sports Southwest and includes a much bigger area then just Texas, so it would be a waste for much of the viewing audience.

    3. They don't like soccer???
  6. kevruth

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    May 30, 2001
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    Re: Re: Re: Impressed with FOX Sports so far

    Actually, Columbus was only on FS Ohio twice this season. What good is that?
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    Well, it's mostly because both the Astros and Rangers claim the D/FW area as their "local" territory, so Fox Sports Net Southwest shows both teams during the summer in D/FW. Between Astros games and Rangers games on FSNSW, there are precious few time slots available for the Burn.

    Then, when they're done, college football starts. So you can pretty much forget about the Saturday night games, which are pretty much all the games.

    The first few years of their existence, the Burn tried with FSNSW, but because of all of this, the Burn have turned to other broadcast outlets for their local telecasts. The worst was in 1999, when the Burn were only on FSNSW, but because of conflicts with the Astros and Rangers, hardly any of their road games were shown, and FSNSW ended up showing more home games than road games.

    Anyway, Fox's true commitment to soccer can be shown through the half-assed effort and low-budget production values on FSW's MLS coverage and MLS Wrap. All the first season of MLS on FSW has shown us is that we weren't giving ESPN nearly enough credit.
  8. tomvandamn

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    Apr 9, 2003
    new york
    FSW coverage of the EPL has been pathetic and they call themselves the home of the barclaycard premier league lmao
  9. rangers00

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    Jun 1, 2000
    It's indeed pathetic. Look at how ESPN covers the EPL:

    Saturday preview (30 min.)
    Liverpool x Leeds (Live)
    Saturday preview (30 min.)
    Man U x Fulham (Live)
    Chelsea x Man C (live on a sister station, delay on ESPN)
    Postgame (30 min.)
    Premiership Extra (30 min.)

    Super Sunday previews (1 hr. 20 min.)
    Charlton x Arsenal (L)
    Tottenham x Middlesborough (L)
    Postgame (30 min.)

    And all the pre- and post-game shows are held by Brits, with occasional guests like Bryan Robson. This is not some half-baked EPL show by Americans like Lionel B or Latino American like Max Bretos...
  10. geordienation

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    Apr 21, 2001
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    Commitment = $$$$$$

    I'm glad to see the games on TV, don't get me wrong. But it's not like there's a lot of cash being splashed around, here.
  11. da_cfo

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    Apr 19, 2003
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    That schedule is for ESPN Asia, which is NOT run by ESPN, Inc. or Disney.

    For the umpteenth time, ESPN Asia is run by Singapore-based ESPN STAR Sports Limited, which is managed by News Corporation Limited.

    In other words, ESPN Asia is a Rupert Murdoch outfit, run by associates of The Chairman (TM).

    The Chairman purged all Disney/ESPN people from ESPN Asia, starting with Alexander "Sandy" Brown at the top, in 1997.

    Whereas ESPN, Inc. and its subsidiary ESPN International in the Americas and Oceania are Disney-owned operations, which of course make them Mickey Mouse (TM) outfits.

    ESPN, Inc. has virtually no say in the decision making at ESPN Asia. All ESPN, Inc. does for ESPN Asia is supply US pro sports programming, NBA and NFL in particular.

    ESPN Inc. and ESPN International no longer negotiate any soccer programming contracts for ESPN Asia.
  12. rangers00

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    Jun 1, 2000
    For the umpteenth time, the fans or the media don't give a dam whether it's run by Disney or News Corp. This channel is known throughout Asia as ESPN, not ESPN Asia, not "the ESPN run by Murdoch", not "the ESPN not run by Disney".

    As long as ESPN licenses the brand name to this Asian outfit, it has the rights to be called ESPN. In other words, I have every right to say that ESPN is a soccer-heavy station.

    If ESPN doesn't want to be called a soccer-heavy station, i.e. contrary to their programming direction in the U.S., then cut all ties with this Murdoch outfit, including their branding and the investment...
  13. DAGSports

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    Sep 19, 2003
    Not to mention that ESPN Asia probably uses everything TWI offers except for the studio show and foreign language feeds (no "local" announcers doing the games in English). As much as I want the EPL games, FSW is IMO a pretty amateur operation, even more so than most niche channels. If you really look at ANYTHING ESPN broadcasts and ALMOST ANY of their announcers, they do it as well as anyone in the entire world. Champions League and MLS telecasts on ESPN are vastly superior to pretty much anything I've seen on Fox Sports Net (courtesy of FSW) except maybe for the EPL Highlights Show.

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