Impact of Nations Leagues (UEFA original, Concacaf) on World Football? [Multiple R]

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    It's possible to use FIFA rankings for pots but restrict the draw to allow for teams to be specifically placed in groups with less teams. It will possibly be very restrictive but it can be done.

    Of course its much easier just to use NL finishing positions.
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    This is interesting about Scotland under Steve Clarke:

    Scotland offer a good example. Like Hungary, Israel and Serbia, they were in League C in 2018/19 yet will begin the next edition in League A. Indeed, they have the highest Nations League win percentage (62.5%) of any team...
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  3. And yet it's astonishing so many UEFA teams are in WC last 8.;)
    They make it countries sooo easy to qualify:(.....:D
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    But it seems like we play dull football lately. Luckily these are not knock-out matches so we won't play to get to penalties. :D And God only knows what will team look like without Modrić and likely Perišić after Euro.

    Great opportunity for me to finally visit Scotland.
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    You said dull and I agree.
    But I also agree that maybe since this is a Group stage maybe it will be more free flowing and open but my gut says no. I think there will be a lot of grind 'em out type of games.
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    They didn't exactly play against the toughest teams in that stretch. Nonetheless, Scotland are one of the more improved teams in the world if we look back at the last 5-7 years. They also went from a boring team to watch (let's be honest) to a pretty fun team to watch, especially in the Nations League where there's less reason to play a cagey/defensive style.
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