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Discussion in 'Portugal: Clubs' started by aldo, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. aldo

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    May 17, 2007
    San Diego
    I'm going to be in Lisboa the 24th-26th of November and I'm wondering if there are going to be any matches during that weekend I can go watch in Lisbon?

    I've been trying to look for Portuguese league fixtures everywhere but I can't manage to find one that shows me matches in November..

    I would really appreciate if you guys can tell me if there will be any games in Lisbon, thank you.
  2. jakjak

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    May 14, 2006
    Well, dates may change due to cup, european and international games but there are three games in Lisobn appointed to 28 Nov.

    Benfica x Marítimo
    Belenenses x Académica
    Estrela da Amadora x Bovaista

    I recommend watching Benfica of course although Belenenses x Académica may also be worth it, they're two historical teams in Portugal and both use to play quite some good football but there's also a big chance it will be a snoozefest, their fanbase however is quite old and dying so expect few espectators and a not so great ambience, the stadium is also built in a great area of the city, close to the river, lots to do and see.

    I wouldn't recomend watching E. Amadora's game. They have no fans whatsoever (they're like Benfica B team) so the assistance will be like 300 people, both Amadora and Boavista practice some ugly football and that zone is not that welcoming.

    Tickets for the Benfica game shouldn't be hard to get unless Benfica is on a winning streak and play amazing football, which is quite unlikely. The only reason why you shouldn't got to the Benfica match is if you can't find any tickets.


    Belenenses (the stadium is to the left, behind the monastery and seemingly amongst the trees, sorry this was the best panoramical view I got from the stadium):

    Estrela da Amadora's stadium is shithole in the middle of a social neighborhood and not worth seeing... nor do the Great Ones above allow me to post more than two pitures.

    Now dare you say I wouldn't make a good travels agent :p. Anyway, I hope it helped.
  3. aldo

    aldo New Member

    May 17, 2007
    San Diego
    You gave me more than enough info :) thank you very much

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