I am so mad right now....

Discussion in 'New York Red Bulls' started by MetroZebra, Jul 31, 2002.

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    May 24, 2002
    From the viewpoint of being a very dedicated fan of Metrostars soccer, I feel let down in a way by this season. Look at this debacle against the Crew--unbelievable. Metrostars fans HAVE to be the most loyal fans in all of MLS, because this team and its management arte enough to make me sick and give me a headache. I have been there through thick and thin only to see you come out on the short on of the stick, to trade a player who becomes a star elsewhere, to botch a draft pick, to give up a 90th minute goal. I have remained loyal and still do. I hate that you lose and lose badly when you do. Soccer in NY/NJ land haS THE POTENTIAL to go sooooo far. Think of the blend of people in this area who love the beautiful game. And they are stuck with this team who has a list of problems too big to even start writing. There are so many diverse people in the NY/NJ area, that soccer should be almost a welcome sport to go watch. In 1996, when MLS came to NY it was. Look at the numbers. Everyone was excited. This team has lost its magic. Something drastic has to happen right away, or maybe it really is too late. But don't worry, 'cause I'll be there. I'll still be cheering and hating you guys. Idiots. Fools. My Metrostars. What a team. What a team......

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