Hugo, Mexican coaches, and FMF

Discussion in 'Mexico' started by haro0101, Nov 12, 2004.

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    sounds like hugo is going to eventually direct real madrid. check out the futbol internacional section. it is the lead story. that is great!!!! i think is awesome that we have really talented coaches going abroad. per capita, there are more mexican coaches abroad, than players. what an irony! and, la volpe says there is no talent in mexico!!!

    sorry for being so sarcastic, but what the hell!!!! if find it really interesting that aguirre and hugo are coaching or are going to coach abroad. on top of that they direct very well. however, we have la volpe coaching our national team in to oblivion. my biggest problem is that la volpe has not gotten consistent play from his players. that isnt the players fault!!! that's one the DT!!!

    also, if there are two highly talented DTs in mexico, i have a suspicious feeling that we have many more. am i right? who else is really good DT?

    finally, what is up with the FMF? can someone please explain to me what this organization is truly like? i really only pay attention to the players, coach and the actually match results. i really dont know much about the politics. what is it? is the fmf a bunch of malinchistas?
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    do you have a link to your article? I couldn't find it!

    What makes Mexican coaches better than all other latin coaches is the mentality. In Mexico there is a lot of pressure for teams to bring a good spectacle on the field. Boring coaches get criticized a lot and even lose their jobs!

    the only way i can describe mexican coaches is latin coaches with english premier league mentality. England is the only big league in europe where the media and fans demand teams try to be entertaining and criticize boring teams. Not only that but the english premier league is more of a fun and gun league. There is less emphazis on tactics compared to the italian league and the boring south american leagues. The action goes back and forth.

    Herrera is good but needs experience, Yayo de la Torre needs experience, both these are attacking minded. Vucetish is a proven winner and is regarded as a good tactician.
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    Feb 27, 2004
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