HUGE Upset in DIII Soccer! [R]

Discussion in 'Women's College' started by A Fan, Oct 26, 2003.

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    Aug 15, 1999
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    Well, that's a big upset. But it's not earth-shaking. After all, Allegheny was a ranked team, at number 25, even before the upset.

    If you look at the Albyn Jones ratings prior top the game, it's "only" a difference of slightly more than 400 ratings points.
    [font=courier]Team         rank record rating  SE
    Ohio Wesleyan  1  14-0-0  1580  119
    Allegheny     29  12-1-1  1174   82[/font]
    Yes, that's a significant difference, but it represents "only" 32 to 1 odds in favor of Ohio Wesleyan. (it's not, for example, 100 to 1 odds)

    So, again: it's a big upset, but it's not earth-shaking.

    This week, Ohio Wesleyan falls to a #3 ranking (NSCAA), and Allegheny jumps from #25 to number 10.

    NSCAA rankings - October 27
    [font=courier]1  Trinity (Texas)     14-0-1   2
    2  Chicago             13-0-2   3
    3  Ohio Wesleyan       15-1-0   1
    4  Wheaton (Mass.)     17-1-0   4
    5  Puget Sound (Wash.) 13-1-1   9
    6  Scranton (Pa.)      16-0-1  15
    7  Wheaton (Ill.)      12-1-3   8
    8  Union  (N.Y.)       14-1-1   5
    9  Willamette (Ore.)   13-1-2   6
    10 Allegheny (Pa.)     14-1-1  25[/font]
    Washington U. is at #16.

    Go Bears!
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    Aug 15, 1999
    As much as we can all rely on math for 100% accuracy of all results, there is a much larger mental victory there. I've been watching the NCAC conference play for 8 years now and I think that victory is a pretty big deal. Even if it were a DI school at the bottom of the rankings beating UNC during one of their streaks in the 80's (if it hypothetically was at 60 games), I'm sure a Jones score would not have measured the big step that was for the program that beat them. I understand that it isn't the end of the world exciting but it needed to be noted for those who don't follow the tumultuous world of non-scholarship college soccer.

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