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    As a Leeds United supporter I always am interested in Leeds Alumni. I was surprised to hear Darren's advert during a Giant's game. I let my mates know where he was playing now and they wanted to know how he's doing. Well, the way they asked was:
    "Is he still the world's offsidest player?"
    "Does he still have that terrible neck problem that means he can't look up to see a team mate?"

    So how's he doing- the lads need to know.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Albany58

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    Well, he's still charging; unafraid to take on two or three guys head on. I think he's doing pretty well at looking for teammates.
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    No, he's deffo not offside as much as he reportedly used to be. Occasionally though, he will make a run past the defensive line and not get the ball, and just kinda lazily walk back onside, not making himself available to be passed to however.
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    Players miss seeing him more than he misses them.

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