Hristo Stoitchkov

Discussion in 'MLS: General' started by whip, Jul 31, 2002.

  1. whip

    whip Member

    Aug 5, 2000
    Hristo Soitchkov

    One the best BANG FOR THE BUCK, this guy is helping American youth to sharpen their skills.

  2. soccerdome

    soccerdome New Member

    Re: Hristo Soitchkov

    Right on! He's done so much for MLS, especially the Fire. & if u don't have to be a US citizen to be in the US Soccer Hall of Fame, cast my vote now. He should be there. 'Nuff said!
  3. jmeissen0

    jmeissen0 New Member

    Mar 31, 2001
    page 1078
    sometimes he makes me think he needs a horse doctor though
  4. soccerdome

    soccerdome New Member

    What exactly do u mean by that?? I don't understand that sentence.
  5. BallStateMiddie

    BallStateMiddie New Member

    Mar 28, 2002
    That's true. I agree that he, along with Bradley, have turned Chicago into a breeding ground. I'm wondering, though, if maybe it's time to try to have him as a strict coaching capacity. The last few games it seems like he busts out some of the old stuff, but mostly it he's just struggling. Here's hoping that he just needs to get a little more work in to get back match fitness.
  6. soccerdome

    soccerdome New Member

    What more must u say, what more CAN you say
    'nuff said!
  7. jmeissen0

    jmeissen0 New Member

    Mar 31, 2001
    page 1078

    how little he has actually played...
  8. soccerdome

    soccerdome New Member

    Oh. Well when he retires, I hope he stays in the coaching staff (sniff, sniff.) I would miss him if he didn't. Anyone know if u have to be a U.S. citizen to be in the U.S. Soccer Hall of Fame?
  9. Excape Goat

    Excape Goat Member+

    Mar 18, 1999
    Real Madrid
    No, you don't have to be a US citizen.

    Beckenbauer, Chinaglia and Pele were inducted.

    Somehow, I don't think that he will be elected based on working with younger players. Most of his contributions to US soccer are off the field and he is not a coaching staff. His contributions cannot be measured. It will be hard to convince the voters. Marco Etcheverry or Carlos Valderama will get in before him.
  10. Excape Goat

    Excape Goat Member+

    Mar 18, 1999
    Real Madrid
    Yep, USSF should sign him to a long contract before he heads home. His name has been emntioned as the national team coach for Bulgaria. He would take the job if it is offered to him.
  11. soccertom

    soccertom New Member

    Jun 2, 1999
    No you do not have to be a US citizen to be in the US Soccer Hall of Fame, Pele, Beckenbaur and many others.
  12. Achtung

    Achtung Member

    Jul 19, 2002
    Manchester United FC
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    Yeah! He's definitely been a boost to the Fire, especially in late game situations. I like his style.
  13. kasai

    kasai New Member

    Jul 15, 2002
    where is the soccer hall of fame? I didn't know there was one.
  14. Northside Rovers

    Jan 28, 2000
    Austin TX
    FC Dallas
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    What did I miss? What has he done?

    Yeah I heard he put his arm around Beasley and gave him some advice at one point, made room for he and Josh to hang out in his basement. What else?
  15. dcufan1984

    dcufan1984 Member

    Feb 17, 2002
    DC United
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    mike, i never get tired of reading your delightfully disgruntled posts. keep em coming, you smartass. ;)
  16. HalaMadrid

    HalaMadrid Member

    Apr 9, 1999
    I believe it's actually SoccerNova's. Though there is talk of establishing a midamerican branch in usbfc's parents' attic.
  17. Excape Goat

    Excape Goat Member+

    Mar 18, 1999
    Real Madrid
  18. sachinag

    sachinag New Member

    Jun 19, 2001
    Saint Louis, MO
    Anyone know why the Hall's in Oneonta in upstate New York?
  19. Noah Dahl

    Noah Dahl New Member

    Nov 1, 2001
    Soccer Hall of Fame

    The website looks a little hokey, but the museum is awesome -- the virtual tour will give you an idea of what a good job they've done.

    I went with four other soccer folks on a big pilgrimage to the Hall this summer. We were so fired up by the place that we bought hundreds of bucks worth of souvenir crap.

    Don't wait until Stoitchkov gets inducted to make your trip to Oneanta. Put it at the top of your list.

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